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Literary Analysis Essays

Literary Analysis essays demand that the writer should write a thesis on the topic given to him or her. The thesis has to be later developed into a literary analysis essay. The thesis should be well explained, analyzed, and interpreted in the essay written by you. The format of the essay is usually given to the students by the teachers and the students should carefully follow the format. Writing literary analysis essay might be a little tricky as it cannot look like a review or summary of the book or piece of literature you are writing on and yet it should have the elements of them included in it. A person who did not use to write simple essays may not be able to write correctly. He/she is definitely going to get confused or end up writing just another essay on English literature.

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Tips for Preparing a Literary Analysis Essay

There are some simple tips for writing literary analysis essays and they are as follows:

  • Always write in the third person. You should never use the first person while writing such essays.
  • The essays should be written in the present tense only.
  • The essay should not look like a summary of the literary excerpt or book given to you.
  • Generous use of alliterations, metaphors, imagery, and figurative language to make your essay look richer.

In literary analysis essays you are analyzing the book or part of the book given to you. The analysis should carry your point of view without being biased or judgmental. There is no scope of being personal in these essays. You have to analyze the topic neutrally by highlighting both sides of the story. It has to appear as if you have done an in-depth study and you are putting forth an analysis after researching completely. The students may not be able to give their cent per cent while writing literary analysis essays. Lack of experience is the only reason responsible for their inability to write the essays properly. We cannot blame them also. They hardly have time to sit and research for days together as they have loads of other assignments to be completed within the same time frame.

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