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Personal Experience Essay

Personal experience essay as the name depicts is an essay that speaks about your own experience. A personal experience essay aims at uncovering the feelings related to a particular experience. This experience could be big or small however it will involve various feelings. It will be a canvas of emotions. Most people find it difficult to write a personal experience essay because it is free writing that relies heavily on emotional touch.

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What Points to Consider when Writing a Personal Experience Essay

Personal experience essay guides are available online. These guides talk about various things that need to be kept in mind while writing a personal experience essay. Personal experience essay is a narrative genre of essay which invokes dramatic emotions. Before you even start writing personal experience essay, you must start dwelling upon the experience that you are about to narrate. You must run this experience in your mind again. You must remember to keep the essay interesting. The experience should be narrated in a way that it captivates the reader till the end.

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Follow the general essay structure to write a personal experience essay. The introduction should give the background about the experience where as the main body of the essay should speak about the essay. Use power words and descriptive words to narrate the essay. It is important to maintain the flow of the events. It is best to follow a chronological order because it will let the reader visualize exactly what must have transpired at that time. If you are planning on narrating an incident that was a life changing moment for you, then ensure that you communicate it to your audience. You should describe how the incident impacted you and how you felt pre and post the experience. Use the 5 sensory organs and their role in narrating your experience. Speak about how you felt, what you saw, what you heard and how you reacted while you were experiencing that life changing moment.

It is important to highlight why you chose this particular experience as your personal experience essay. You can conclude the essay by highlighting the impact of this experience in changing the course of your life and how this experience brought a paradigm shift in your core values and changed your way of living forever. If you need assistance, you can buy custom essays for cheap from our online writing service!

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