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Life Essay

There is nothing more fascinating than one’s own life. To write a life essay looks to be very easy at first glance. It needs describing one’s own life, priorities, problems and outlook. It needs a reflection to the past, facts of the present and vision for the future woven in an interesting manner. As usual, the opening paragraph should be stunning to catch the eyes of your readers. Our professional writer may start the life essay something like this:

“Life may be beautiful but the bed of roses may have too many thorns hidden beneath. It is blessed with prosperity and success but there are ups and downs too”.

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Life is cruel, merciless and hard for some. They find life to be a punishment. Such people resign to their fate. They become highly pessimistic thinking that life can never be good to them. They resort to commit heinous crimes inflicting pain and misery to others. They even commit suicide at the end to escape the injustice forced upon them.

There is an equally good population who take life as it unfolds. It is always a moment in time unearthing new discoveries and innovations. To them life is sweet, kind and colorful. They do not deter from any tough situation. When the going gets tough, they get going. They believe in cause and effect. They are of firm opinion that what one sows, one gets with interest. They believe,” Where there is life, there is hope.”They focus their target with mind, body and soul. They generally succeed. Yet, there are people who are pessimistic. If they find somebody suffering then they wait for the onset of suffering in their life instead of carving out a better future for themselves.

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