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Informal Essay

The informal essay is generally written for entertainment purposes; while it can inform or persuade, it is written in a less formal style and serves to express an opinion, an observation, or a humorous point of view. While an informal essay has a more relaxed style than a formal paper, it should nevertheless maintain a strong structure, with attention to grammar and other technicalities of good writing.

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Peculiarities of Informal Essays

An informal essay may be written in a personal style, rather than the more objective voice of a formal paper, although both types of writing may be used to express an opinion. The writer of a formal essay is a silent presence, while the writer of an informal essay speaks directly and personally to the reader. When writing informally, do not be afraid to use your own “voice” and avoid an academic, sterile tone; however, even while writing informally, you should avoid sloppiness.

Students often design their informal essays as a work of fiction. When designing your writing, you should spend some time outlining the paper and creating a working first draft, starting from the beginning of your story and allowing it to unfold in a natural manner. At this stage, you do not need to worry about bringing in your emotions or creating a perfect piece of writing. The first draft should describe events, bringing in dates and other important details – a trip, a first day at college, and so on.

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