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Ethics Essay

Ethics or moral philosophy addresses definition of morality. It dwells upon concepts of good and evil, virtue and vice, right and wrong and justice etc. Ethics has two legs on which it is supported. The first is related to standards of wrong and right. The second is study and development of ethical standards.

The standards of ethics relates to everyone and everywhere. Media ethics basically deals with principles and standards adopted in media .These include media, theatre, film, broadcasting, print and now the internet. This field is the most talked about as it brings up the most interesting controversial cases and talked about incidents.

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Steps to Writing Essays in Ethics

If you have been asked to write an ethics essay then media ethics is an area where you can get numerous case studies to transform into good and great ethics essay. The most important aspect of an ethics essay is that it must be interesting to the extent of explosive and mind blowing.

If you are planning to write an ethics essay then you have to decide at the outset whether you wish to write in favor of the media ethics or against. If you choose the latter then you have to prove your point of view with some strong statements. We offer some great ideas which you can try:

  • Include some famous cases

You may add a few famous cases which are neither too old nor very recent to prove your standpoint in the ethics essay. For example you may take the strings from the murder case of Jon Benet Ramsay. She had earlier won the American beauty pageant contest. It was shocking news. The media coverage centered on her rich parents, her participation in beauty pageants contents and various others uncalled for angles of her antecedents but not the details of police investigation. This was a bizarre mess created by the media. You may like to dig more details after researching.

  • Incident that happened in your neighborhood

Over the years, you may have also seen bad media handling of a case or situation taking place in your neighborhood. As a third umpire you might know certain things that triggered the incident contrary to what media presented before the public.

  • Include famous statements

People in high places generally make statements. People believe in such utterances from very important personalities. Such inclusion would increase your standing.

  • Include some famous case files

Black and Barney filed a case against the code of ethics of media. They produced some major arguments against the way news was reported in 1985. This topic may unravel several points on further research.

This way you may adopt different techniques to prove your point of view while writing an ethics essay relating to media or some other sectors.

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