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Illustration Essay

Illustrative essays may be one of the most common types of college writing. When writing an illustrative essay, the writer supports his or her ideas with illustrative examples and evidence in order to provide credibility for the contents of the paper. All academic essays must contain an introduction, a body which presents the arguments or theories the writer intends to discuss, and a conclusion. The introduction provides a thesis statement, while the main body of the essay contains the illustrative material; the conclusion of the paper summarizes the points that have been addressed and explores the writer’s findings.

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An illustration is meant to provide insight and clarification of a topic. Newspapers and magazines use photographs and other visual materials as illustrations in order to make the content of their articles more immediate and personal for their readers. Not all illustrations are visual, however; writers often use “verbal pictures” to clarify a point they are trying to make. A verbal illustration can be a simple word or a phrase, or it can be several paragraphs’ worth of information. Good illustrative material requires some skill at narrative or descriptive writing.

How you choose to illustrate your essay depends mainly on the subject matter. Scientific data, charts, personal examples, and graphics can all be used to clarify and enhance your writing. Illustration essay writers should use only materials that are relevant to the topic, and all essay writing should follow a logical path from the introduction to the conclusion.

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Before you begin writing an essay, it is important to draft an outline in order to give your ideas focus. Write several drafts, and read through them carefully to make sure that all arguments are presented logically, the tone of the paper is formal and academic, and there are no spelling or grammatical errors. Once you have finished your illustration essay, ask a peer to read it for you and point out any errors or inconsistencies.

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