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Deductive Essay

When it comes to evaluating the ability level of university students, deductive essays are an important assessment tool. Deductive reasoning is a tool we use throughout the course of our lives to make sense out of the things we experience.

Deductive reasoning is defined as the concept that, under a particular set of circumstances, a reasonable conclusion can be drawn concerning the state or outcome of the situation; in other words, if there is enough information available, a puzzle can be solved by a reasonable person.

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Structure of a Deductive Essay

There are several main parts to a deductive essay. The first of these is known as the premise – the basic idea from which the conclusions will eventually be drawn, and which provides a background for the logical progression to follow. In a typical deductive essay, this might be a particular item, a scientific theory, or any of a number of other items of information. The premise will be followed by evidence which will link the original ideal to the conclusion, which is the summary that is found at the end of a deductive essay. The conclusion allows the writer to bring the evidence to a logical summation. For example:

Premise: All dogs are mammals
Evidence: The animal is a dog
Conclusion: The animal is a mammal

In order to write a good deductive essay, many writers work backwards from the conclusion in order to ensure that all the links are in place. For those who need assistance with writing a deductive essay, our online writing service is here to take the stress out of your academic activities. We understand that even the best and most diligent students sometimes find themselves in a position where they need to buy an essay in order to meet an urgent deadline. If you have a job, family, and other obligations, it can be difficult to get to all of your assignments on time.

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