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Process Essay

Preparation of elementary students to begin writing usually begins with the process essay, a part of the explanatory essay genre. Teachers begin with the process essay because it assists children to think sequentially, to put sequential things in order verbally, and then, ultimately, to write their first process essay.

As students move through school, process essays continue to be assigned, but the topics become more sophisticated and the process topics more complex. And teacher expectations for presentation, vocabulary, style, and tone increase as well. By the time students enter their first English comp course in college, it is expected that they can produce a truly effective and well-written process essay.

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The process essay is relatively easy to understand. Through it, the writer describes or explains a process by which something is accomplished. In some instances, the writer will describe a process by which he or she completes a multi-step process, such as preparing a meal. At other times, the writer may describe a process that exists in nature, such as the method by which a plant produces its own food or the stages of development from tadpole to frog.

When one begins a process essay, it is necessary to organize it carefully and completely, making certain not to skip any steps in that process. Preparing a list of the steps is the most common method used by students creating this type of essay. The actual steps will comprise the body paragraphs of the essay.

Key to creating an interesting and compelling process essay is the introduction. The purpose of the introduction is to pique interest on the part of the reader. Consider the two following examples:

  1. My essay is about the process for assembling a lawn mower that has been purchased and taken home in a box. The important thing for successful assembly is to carefully read the directions, but there are basic steps involved in all lawn mower assembly, and I will be describing them.
  2. The box sat in the garage, staring at me each time I entered.It was now the first week of May, and the box had been there for almost a month.All of the neighbors had mowed their lawns at least once already, and my lawn was beginning to look like the beginnings of a primeval forest.Slowly, ever so slowly, I approached the box, opened it, and found the instruction booklet.Today was the day.I had to get this lawn mower assembled.

Which Essay would You Be more Interested in Reading?

The body of the process essay must be meticulously and carefully constructed but must also not be redundant and boring. Avoid using the terms “first,” “second,” etc., and avoid using too many “next’s” or “then’s.” If you can add a little creative humor, all the better!

If you have written a compelling introduction, then the conclusion should be relatively simple. Consider the second sample introduction. Once the mower is successfully assembled, the owner can mow his yard and not be forced to avoid his neighbors anymore. Or perhaps it begins to rain, as soon as he has completed his task.

 Contrary to majority opinion, the process essay does not have to be boring. It can contain humor, imagery, creativity, sentence variation, and, of course, great grammar usage. If you are struggling with development of a process essay, you can find any number of cheap academic writing agencies who will offer the service of creating a process essay for you. You can, through these services, buy an essay online, but you need to understand that it will be from a database of pre-sold essays, and this fact can easily be discovered by your instructor. If you want an original, custom process essay on a topic of your choosing, contact EssaysExperts.com. 

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