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Character Analysis Essay

Chaucer had a very simplified view of writing a character analysis essay. He used to dwell upon, what the character said, did, thought, and wore. He also checked what the story teller told about the character and what other characters had to say about him. Modern character analysis essay goes a step ahead. It asks the opinion of the student writing the assignment and prefers that the student also compares himself with the character.

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Writing a Character Analysis Essay: Main Steps to Follow

Your teacher assigns you a character analysis essay to enhance your awareness and knowledge regarding emotional factors that affect people. In this way you will recognize your own assets with regard to behavior and attitude in identical circumstances. This will also help you to identify future preferences that are going to affect your academic life and your gainful employment. A character analysis essay essentially imbibes the following points.

  1. The first paragraph is dedicated to describe your character, his role in the story and the reason that you selected to scrutinize his personality.
  2. The second step would be to define his character. Place him as a hero, villain, supporting character to either hero or the villain. He may be a catalyst who may aid in boiling up or cooling down a given situation.
  3. Now, make a SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities and threats) analysis of your chosen character. You have to remember that there is an iota of villainy in a hero and vice versa in a villain. Such critical analysis would be a plus point in a character analysis essay.
  4. You should also identify the central objective of your character. This objective or pursuit is what gives rise to situations that build up the story. It may be a battle for love with his opponents. It may be a fight for position at high places. It may only be a fistful of dollars at stake.
  5. Your character might also show up some supplementary traits. In Charles Dickens’s David Copperfield, Wilkins Micawber and Uriah Heep are two characters. The first is constantly debt ridden but is David’s mentor. The second also pretends to be David’s mentor but he is of fraudulent and devious character whose misdeeds are unfolded only at the end.
  6. Assess the interaction that your character makes with others and how he treats them. Discuss consistency and the contradiction in his behavior.
  7. Look for symbolism in your character. For example, he may always hold a stick in his hands which signifies that he feels unprotected.
  8. Evaluate his actions. Identify his reactions in the setting of cultural or historical background. Generation gap and regional conflicts are some to probe into.
  9. Discuss his character arc and describe how he resolves conflicts in his spiritual and emotional development.
  10. Finally compare the character in totality with your own personality such as things to admire or dislike. You must also state what you had done if you had been in his position. Address changes that the book has brought upon you.

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