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Classification Essay

Three Handy Tips for Writing a Successful Classification Essay

  1. Sort all information into a number of useful categories
  2. Ensure all categories follow one principle of organization
  3. Provide essential examples for every category

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Finding Categories

Locating categories is an extremely important step in writing a successful classification essay. The categories must be distinguished to sort, or classify items in a comprehensive, logical way. For instance, if an individual needs to go through a stack of papers, prior to placing them in arbitrary piles, individuals first decide what categories they can be sorted into. This may include piles like items to be put into the garbage, papers to file, papers requiring immediate attention, and papers to give to other individuals.

It should not require a lot of effort to choose topics for a classification essay. The main ability required to write a classification essay is to analyze the data provided, arrange it into comprehensive groups and categories, and use authoritative sources to aid in this separation.

A key point in composing a classification essay is the complete elaboration of what principle was used to create the classification – the evaluation technique utilized when looking on how to classify items for the paper. Keep in mind that all items must be classified in accordance with similar characteristics and other common features that are shared.

The principle selected for classification will become the basis for the classification essay. All the categories that are determined will be based upon the selected principle. Always know that you are able to use your very own classification principle when it comes to some of the objects used in the paper. You are able to work out as well as implement this into your personal classification essay using a personalized rating system that the teacher or professor will asses.

The classification you use for your classification essay must be based on carefully selected examples. You need to always state the various representatives of your categorized group. A classification essay will be dull if you do not include examples to highlight your work.

Your final classification essay may be written in two different ways. You are able to select the approach you want to use to write your classification essay. You are able to classify, evaluate, or rate throughout your paper.

How You can Write a Successful Classification Essay for Your Teacher or Professor

First, you need to determine what your categories will be. You must be thorough and not leave out any categories which may be critical. As an example, if you are writing about different water sports in the state of Hawaii and only mention sailing and snorkeling, but do not include surfing, the classification essay would not be complete because surging is possibly the most famous of all water sports in the state. However, you do not want too many categories in your classification paper. For instance, if you opt to write about sports shoes and the principle used for organizing is activity, you are obviously not going to be writing about high heels with running shoes.

Secondly, you need to classify everything using a single principle. Once categories are selected, ensure they all fit into the organization principle you have determined. The organizing principle will be how you choose to sort all the groups. Do not switch organizing principles in your classification essay. For example, if the principle used in the essay is “water sports that are tourist oriented,” do not switch to something like “native water sports” – both of these would include different categories.

Lastly, provide examples for each category. In general for a classification essay, you need to write the same quantity of examples per categories. However, save your most important category for last and it may require a bit more elaboration than other categories.

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