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Application Essay

Every student, whether good or bad, nurtures a dream of doing something good with their life. In order to fulfill that dream they have, they must all have a sound academic background and to have that solid academic background they must go to good schools and colleges. Many times it happens that a student even after scoring good GPA grades does not get an admission in his or her school of choice. It is terribly heart breaking when that happens. But why does it happen? It happens because getting high GPA grades may not be good enough for a student to book a seat in his or her favourite college or school. It takes a little more than that. A student needs to the ‘X’ factor that the admission committee is looking for in their prospective students and that ‘X’ factor comes from the application essay you write and submit to the admission committee for consideration of your candidature.

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How to Succeed in Writing a Winning Application Essay

Admission committee of every school & colleges look for students who are not just academically brilliant but are also good in other things that a student should have e.g. sports, leadership qualities, ability to solve problems, ability to innovate & improvise etc. it is not possible for them to test every student on these qualities since it would take a long time & a lot of money. Therefore, they look for all these qualities in a student through the application essay that they submit with their application form to the college. That is why writing an ordinary application essay is not option even if you have secured high grades. You have to write an application essay which would make you stand out amongst others.

In order to write such an application essay you must have a clear understanding of the topic you are writing on. If you do not know anything about the topic then you will have to do a through research on it in order to increase your knowledge. After that you would have to write your essay in an organized and structured fashion. The language you use in writing your application essay should be such that people can understand easily and it should have a natural flow about it. Try not to use too many hard words in your application essay as it might make the essay a little difficult to understand for people.

Apart from this always include surprising & interesting facts in your essay which other might avoid. Inclusion of such facts will automatically catapult your essay to an altogether different level & will make you stand out for sure.

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