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Review Essay

A review essay is known for presenting an overview of the most important points raised or discussed by the author. A review essay on a literary work is not a book report. A book report is a summary of the book providing a brief outlook on the story. A review essay critically discusses the literary work.

If you want to write a review essay with best results then you must choose a literary work that has potential to provide enough points to discuss and critically appraise. A collection that has been already reviewed by several perssons may be difficult to review since editors might have presented different point of view or discusses different features of one issue.

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What is a Review Essay and How to Succceed in Writing It?

Review essay is a writing assignment where a critical appraisal is made of the matter implicit with argumentative evaluation. You may be asked by your teacher for an informal or a formal review. You have not to take up the style of writing of the article as your main objective but the work itself has to be critically reviewed. Your review essay shall be adjudged on the basis of arguments and opinion. You have to be impartial. This can be best served if you place evidences from the book in support of your opinion.

Teachers may set diverse standards for different essays. However, review essays are assessed keeping the following criteria in perspective:
  • Presentation of strong arguments.
  • Matter of fact conclusion.
  • Your reaction and argument.

You must have to keep in mind that perfect review essay is weighed against submission of critical analysis and newer information on the merit of the article.

You should also critically discuss and evaluate various contributions that the book has made towards its subject stream or discipline. Your book review essay shall be supposed to be complete if you include the manner in which the book has advanced the debate it has discussed in its text. Identification of controversies and problems taken up in the article and an impartial assessment of the efficacy of the book in addressing the same is needed. You have also to point out if the book has been able to support the thesis adequately or has only take up a tangential approach. Needless to say, your every argument must be supported by evidences identified in the book.

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