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Definition Essay

A definition essay is, in essence, an essay that explains something, whether it is an object or an abstract concept. The purpose of a definition paper is to tell the reader exactly what the term means, offer a deeper explanation, and provide examples in order to make the subject more accessible to the reader.

Writing a definition essay follows the basic rules for other types of essay writing, with an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion, supported by credible sources and research when appropriate.

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As in other essays, in a formal definition essay, the thesis is part of the introduction and provides an exact, formal definition of the subject to be discussed. However, in an informal definition essay, the focus is on the importance and relevance of the subject being defined; as an example, most textbook essays are informal definitions.

A definition essay can focus on any of the following:

  • Obscure terms that are unfamiliar to many people;
  • Terms that are frequently used in a particular field of study;
  • Terms that are frequently misunderstood—this type of definition often describes the common ways in which a particular word may be mistaken.
  • Abstract Terms – for terms that are not concrete (for example, love, beauty, etc.) definitions focus on making the words less abstract and more accessible to the reader;
  • Commonplace terms – writers will sometimes use a definition essay to shed new light on a common, overused word and give it new vitality.

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