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Abortion Essay

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy by removal of the fetus or embryo out of the uterus resulting in its death. Abortion may occur according to complications during pregnancy or it can be human induced abortion. It is human induced abortion which is the subject of much debate & study. Human induced abortion is also known as Therapeutic Abortion & it is done for many reasons. Some of the reasons for human induced abortions are:

  • To save life of the pregnant woman.
  • Preserve the woman’s physical & mental health.
  • Terminate pregnancy if there is sign that the child would be born with congenital disorder.
  • Selectively reduce number of fetuses in case of multiple pregnancies.
  • In many countries it is done by women when they are unwilling to become mothers.
  • The last reason of abortion is mainly done due to religious reasons, fear of societal stigma etc.

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Specifics of Writing Essays about Abortion

When anyone is writing an essay on the subject of abortion it is called abortion essay. The purpose of writing an abortion essay is not to support or reject the idea of abortion. Its main purpose is to make people aware of what abortion is & what are the advantages & harm of the practice of abortion. Although at times writers do take a side while writing an abortion essay in order to influence the readers to take a particular side in the abortion debate.

But if you are writing an abortion essay & taking sides in the abortion debate then you must prove your point with both logic & facts. Suppose you are denouncing the practice of abortion then you have to provide medical facts in support of your argument. You cannot just denounce the idea just because you don’t like it. Similarly if you are supporting the idea of abortion then also you have to give facts & reasons in support of your idea.

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You can also choose to stay neutral in your opinion while writing an abortion essay. That is probably the safest way of writing an abortion essay. In this case you tell both sides of the story i.e. you have to list out both the pros & cons of abortion & leave it to the readers to decide whether they are for it or against it.

But whatever you do, make sure the abortion essay you have written is factual & appeals to the readers’ intellect rather that his or her emotions. You should avoid giving religious reasons for avoiding abortions. Giving of such reasons for avoiding abortions can be taken by people as being too backward & unscientific in your thinking. You should also make sure that the information you choose to put in your essay are 100% accurate & was collected after a lot of research.

Where to Get Writng Help

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