The internet is practically filled with dozens of sites that all claim to provide the “highest quality” custom papers. It makes sense – after all, nobody is going to say anything bad in regards to his or her business. Let us cut through those empty words though and look at the facts. You will find all the answers you want in the table below.

There are plenty of writing services out there, but none of them even comes close to comparing with the quality and level of service that we offer our customers at Here are just a few of the primary differences that set us apart from those companies offering cheap writing services. – The Premier Writing Company The Other Guys
We offer you the lowest prices possible for academic reference papers written and researched by experienced, certified writers. They charge prices as low as $9.95 per page...sometimes lower! The only way they can charge such unrealistic prices is if they outsource to unskilled writers!
Call us 24 hours a day and someone will answer your call, guaranteed! They usually have no phone number or offer you to use an online live chat option with no available service reps.
Feel secure about conducting your transactions. We process everything through – a leader in the industry. Say goodbye to your money by sending it through high-risk merchant accounts like e-gold. No buyer protection, no refunds are guaranteed
We hire only experienced writing professionals to join our team to ensure only the highest quality research and writing are delivered to customers. Their deliveried papers are riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, not to mention improper citations.
We use legitimate testimonials selected from surveys completed by actual customers. They are unedited and unchanged except for grammar and spelling corrections. Obviously, they use fake testimonials written for the sole purpose of separating you from your money.
We give you a full, 100% guarantee of on-time delivery and the highest satisfaction possible with your paper. Deadlines are never guaranteed. Orders are often incomplete and delivered late, and you will be charged the full sum of money regardless. It means that your urgent orders will not be handled efficiently.
The Hacker-safe logo on our site redirects you to, giving you confirmation that our site is certified and tested daily by McAfee Security Scan. Their Hacker-safe logo is fake and does not redirect to Beware these sites.

What do you expect when you work with a company providing research paper writing service? To start with, you need quality work. Second, you need a price you can afford to pay. There are plenty of sites out there that claim to give you “first rate research papers” for a measly $8.95 per page. Well, what you really get are recycled, duplicated papers riddled with typographical errors. You get what you pay for. Do not you deserve to be provided with the best services?

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