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Everybody loves to manage self impression.This is necessary for creating a particular image upon persons with whom one is relating himself as an individual. Everybody wants to present a particular but amicable picture and impression of oneself upon others. This impression management is a continuous process within which a person monitors his personality according to his perception of how people around him would like to see him. People devote time and attention to create public image according to situation and environment. Some people are quite passive about how people view their image. Some are so particular that that they keep a Jeeves (an imaginary character in PG Wodehouse’s fictions) by their side and a looking glass mirror in their pocket pouch. This self impressionism has spread on social network such as Face book, Twitter and the likes. Yet, there is majority of people who oscillate between the two extremes. This moderate population monitors how there is behavior with others. However, category of people who do not evaluate about self impression they are making but react very quickly on reactions of other people.

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People have been found to manage their self impression more vigorously if they are after a particular objective. This is due to the shear fact that outcome value increases with decreasing availability. Impression motivation increases with decreasing valued outcome. As per Rastogi and Pandey (1979) there is an increase in integration in workplaces. To cite, competition in jobs becomes all the more fierce. When there is scarcity of valued resources, strategic self-impression increases.

Individual differences only take place when people need approvalmuch more when they are inclined to present themselves after tasting failure to safeguard their self esteem. This is a bare example of people who are in need of self approval offers a better incentive towards managing impressions.

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