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Controversial Essay

Controversial essay as the name suggests is based on some topic or subject of controversy. The controversial essays are thrilling and they immediately captivate the attention of the reader. The current topics, incidents, or events usually form the subject of such essays. The topics chosen for these essays usually pertain to some social cause or concern like abortion, racial discrimination, or euthanasia. The subjects of the essays are highly debatable as people have strong views about them. The views which people form on these topics are based on their socio-demographic beliefs. Controversial essays will have arguments both in favor and against the subject.

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How to Write a Controversial Essay

Controversial essay is sensitive in nature and hence has to be written very judiciously. It demands tremendous focus while writing as the content of the essay should in no way be provocative or judgmental. It should not hurt the sentiments of the people nor should it be so subtle that the very nature and essence of the essay is lost. The topic given should be researched thoroughly. The facts and evidence cited in the essay should be authentic. There should not be any exaggeration of the events or incidents mentioned in the essay. The essay should not use any abusive language. The writer has to be careful of not letting it become subjective by becoming emotional. The controversial essay has to be logical, rational, and in sync with the subject.

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Controversial essay is easy to write if the writer does the research well. The content of the topic is not very difficult to find as being a hot topic of debate it will be readily available in most of the journals, magazines, and even television. You have to read all the materials available. Try to analyze the facts and then make an outline of your essay. Once the outline is made the work of writing the essay becomes easier. You have to present the facts in the most convincing manner by stating clearly what you feel about the issue. You will also have to show the other side of the story to make your viewpoint standout.

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