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Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay as the name suggests is an essay that persuades the reader to look at things in your way. This essay can be also termed as argumentative essay. Persuasive essay relies heavily on logical arguments to prove their point. This essay is very combative by nature. You can compare this essay to debate where each party tries it’s best to convince the opposite party that its view point is correct. These arguments need to be backed by solid facts and figures. A glimpse at sample persuasive essay online will make you understand that each argument is based on extensive research and data.

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Writing a Persuasive Essay: the Algorithm

The objective of persuasive essay is to prove that your standpoint is better than that of your competitors. You must adopt a view point and then collate all possible evidences to back up those view points. If this is the first time that you are going to write a persuasive essay then you must keep certain things in mind that will help you to write a well researched persuasive essay.

  • Outline your standpoint on the topic. Clearly highlight the reasons on why you selected this particular topic and this particular view point. Once your standpoint is defined, it is time to move on to the next to step.
  • Gauge your audience. It is important to understand your audience. You should know whether your audience will accept your arguments or not. You should be able to connect to the audience.
  • Examine the topic microscopically. You must know all the aspects of any particular topic. You must know what arguments can be used in this persuasive essay. Make sure that each argument is backed by extensive research and hardcore facts.
  • Structure your essay in terms of which topics and evidences will be presented first. Decide the order of arguments and evidences

Your persuasive essay needs to be transitional. It should have connectivity between different sentences. Proof read the essay to weed out grammatical errors. It is recommended to quote the experts. You must give your persuasive essay for peer editing so that you understand how others respond to your essay.

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