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Informative Essay

The informative essay is a standard type of essay that may illustrate a point of view, but certainly will provide a substantial amount of relevant information. The informative essay is likely to be assigned in any academic course, at any level.

The first step to composing an informative essay is to understand the nature of the assignment the instructor is looking for. It may concern a topic discussed in class, or require the student to conduct outside research.

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An excellent approach to beginning an informative essay is for the student to outline the actions to take to gather the needed information. Determining what type of source materials, and the means to obtain it, will contribute to an organized effort

After the information is gathered, an outline detailing the essay’s structure and content is needed. Again, following this outline will keep the essay organized, and contribute to the logical flow for the benefit of the reader (or instructor).

It is now time to begin the drafting process, which is the writing, editing and re-writing of the essay. Informative essays are intended to share information and provide moderate commentary. As with any writing assignment, careful preparation and diligence will help to assure an outstanding grade.

For students unfamiliar with informative essays, or whose class load make completing the essay in a timely manner, there is help.

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