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Writing a Five Paragraph Essay

The first paragraph of a five paragraph essay is always the introduction. As its name implies, an introductory paragraph serves to introduce the material being presented; the final sentence of the introduction gives the thesis statement, a sort of outline for the argument to be discussed in the custom  essay. The thesis statement is an “attention-grabber” that draws the reader into the paper and provides a transition to the body of the five paragraph essay.

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The second paragraph of a five paragraph essay should present the strongest argument, the most vivid illustration of the point being made, or the most significant example of the material to be discussed buying reader's attention in this way. The first sentence of this paragraph should follow the transition from the introduction, while the final sentence of the second paragraph should lead in to the following paragraphs.

The third paragraph of a five paragraph essayshould then either present another example or argument pertaining to the topic or expand on the first paragraph, providing further details and support for the discussion. It is the writer’s job to make sure that the logic of the ONLINE essay is sound and that the points being made a credible; he or she must cite current literature that is relevant to the topic and either supports or counters the writer’s position. The final sentence of the third paragraph should contain a tie-in to the next section of the paper.

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The fourth paragraph of the five paragraph essay, again, is meant to strengthen the argument or point being made, or to explore alternative theories and ideas, showing whether it is worthless, cheap thought or good one for discussing. This paragraph should be written as an obvious follow up to the second paragraph in the body, with a clear transition to the next and final paragraph. The reader should be able to understand from the writer’s language that this is the final point being made in the essay before summing up the arguments or points being made in the conclusion.

Concluding Paragraph

The fifth paragraph of the five paragraph essay is known as the conclusion, or summary paragraph. This section restates the thesis of the essay and explains how the supporting evidence is related to the thesis statement. The final paragraph is the writer’s chance to take a strong stance on the subject and leave the reader with a firm impression of his or her point of view. In case of achieving such impression by readers that means that writer’s service was well-done.The reader should have a clear idea of the writer’s position and understand how he or she arrived at the particular conclusion.

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