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Literary Analysis Essay

Writing is a concentrated and focused expression of study and thought process. The literary essay is not a simple review of a book. It is a careful examination and evaluation of a literary work. In every analytical procedure, you have to split the subject into logical component parts. A careful study of each of the broken components shall make you understand the work in its entirety. You may take an example of a poem. The literary essay of the poem shall have to deal with different images in the poem or its relationship with different aspects such as content and form of the poem. In the literary essay of a short story, you have to identify the main theme and correlate it with the way authors proves his point. 

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The first and the foremost tip is that you must write the literary essay in the present tense. For example In Sir Arthur Clarke novel 2001: A Space Odyssey, while carrying out literary analysis , you should not write, “An unseen ancient alien used a large monolith crystal to probe world in our galaxy,” but “An unseen ancient alien uses a large monolith crystal to probe world in our galaxy.”

You must not keep yourself anywhere in the literary analysis essay. Everything should be written in third person never using first or second person. There may be some exceptions but when you are in doubt then always use third person.

You should also not retell the story as it is not a book review or report. You have to make a thesis about the article under analysis followed by due discussion and explanation.

You shall have to drag out elements from the literary article for analysis. You may use information embedded in the literature to support your stand. As an example, while writing the literary analysis essay on Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Telltale Heart” you may assert that the narrator is of unbalanced mental condition. You may assert this point by quoting a line said by the narrator that he could hear things on the earth and in the heaven.

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