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Research Paper Tips

You can use these research paper tips to save time, work more efficiently, or just to remind yourself of what you need to do at the planning, researching and writing stages. Your paper may not include all the pieces mentioned in this list, or it may have more. Find loads of research paper tips on EssaysExperts.com, or buy research papers and essays online.

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Research Paper Tips: Planning

  1. Make sure you understand what your professor requires of you for this particular assignment. What style should the paper be in? Are there restrictions on your selection of topic? Do you need approval of the topic and thesis statement?
  2. Read up on your subject – some research beforehand will help you choose a topic that is interesting and not too obscure, and to formulate a good thesis statement.
  3. Get hold of an appropriate research paper template. This will help you to organize the materials you need and do your research.

Tips on Doing Research

Check your reading materials, published research papers, and online resources for good quality reference material.

  1. Make complete notes of your source materials to avoid hassle when compiling the references pages.
  2. Use a variety of sources – as long as they are credible – like books, journals, newspapers, blogs, and radio or TV interviews.

Tips on Writing an Abstract

  1. Keep it short – maximum 300 words, preferably 200.
  2. Use the most important points from the other sections of your paper, including the thesis statement.

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Tips on Creating a Thesis Statement

  1. Keep it specific and get your opinion across.
  2. Place it near the end of your introduction, after the topic background.

Tips on Composing a Literature Review

  1. Show you know about the latest research on your topic.
  2. Point out what unanswered questions from the literature your paper will answer, if any.

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Research Paper Tips: Body

  1. Make sure the points you make relate back to your thesis statement.
  2. Do not pad out the text with repeated information. All points made should be new.
  3. Show your language style by linking paragraphs so that the flow of information is smooth.

Tips on Writing a Conclusion

  1. Summarize your points or findings from your data.
  2. Restate your thesis and discuss if it was proven or disproven by your findings.

Research Paper Tips: References

  1. Make sure to use the correct citation style – MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago/Turabian Notes or In-Text.
  2. Keep your citations as simple as possible for the reader’s benefit. Check a style guide to see what shortcuts are allowed.
  3. Organize your sources alphabetically as you research so that it takes less time to put the references pages together.

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