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What’s the most difficult part of writing? The start. For lots of students, choosing a research paper topic is one of the hardest things to do. In the best circumstances, a student has time to do some initial research and figure out what topics related to his or her subject are interesting, easy to find sources for, and relevant. From there, the student can come up with a strong research paper topic and thesis statement.

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However, in many cases there simply is not enough time to go through this process of early research. Students end up with boring topics or ones that are quite obscure and difficult to research. Often the professor will reject the chosen topic and the student will need to start again, with time running out.

Even if you are having a tough time finding a good research paper topic, it is important that you select a topic that interests you. If you like the topic then it will be easier to construct the entire essay. There will be a fair amount of information gathering involved, and you will need to use a variety of sources. An intriguing topic will help motivate you to do the research well.

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Your professor will give an assignment and grade it with the intention of finding out what you have learned on the course, and about your ability to conduct research, organize your thoughts and pursue an argument. The research paper topic you choose can be related to a major issue dealt with in the course, but does not have to be something you worked on in class.

It is often a good idea to turn to issues you covered in the course that made you ask questions or instigated discussions in class. Or else you can do some online research about one or two issues you studied and see if they are being discussed in articles or blog posts. Very current or recent topics can be tricky to research as there may be no academic or credible materials about them. On the other hand, if your research is mostly interview based then this could present you with an opportunity to do some interesting work.

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