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Research Paper Template

Use a Research Paper Template – Keep It Simple

A template of any kind is like a set of guidelines. When you are researching and writing your academic paper, it helps to have structural guidelines that make the whole process more efficient. You can save time and be more confident that the body of your work will hold together when you use a research paper template.

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It is often better to opt for a template than a sample because you can adapt it more readily to your needs. Templates are quite general, as they are structural, so you will not waste hours revising one to suit your research topic.

Template Types

Standard templates are like a table of contents. They will identify the key components in each section of your research paper. A detailed template breaks down the sections of a research paper (abstract, introduction, body text, conclusions and discussion) into paragraphs, and tells you what information should be included in each one. When you use a template, your research plan will be improved as well as your writing, since you will know how much evidence you must collect and how many references are necessary for each section and paragraph.

If you want more specific templates you can also access ones that are formatted in popular research paper citation styles, like Chicago/Turabian, Harvard, MLA or APA. These will include document margins, fonts, headers and bibliographies. All you need to do is fill in with your own text and references. However, you need to first make sure that the styles and fonts used are acceptable for your course, that you understand how to use the templates, and that the source is reliable.

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Research Paper Template 1

Here is an example of a simple structural template for social sciences:

  • Statement of the Problem
  • Background of the Problem
  • Thesis Statement
  • Project Significance
  • Sources Consulted
  • Gaps in Knowledge Presented
  • Thesis Statement
  • Hypothesis
  • Definitions
  • Assumptions
  • Limitations
  • Findings
  • Analysis in Terms of Thesis
  • Reliability of Results
  • Support/Refutation of Thesis Statement
  • Value of Results
  • Any Additional Relevant Findings

Research Paper Template 2

And here is an example of a simple template that could be used for the humanities, probably English or Literary Studies:

  • Background of topics to be compared
  • Explanation for topic selection
  • Thesis statement
  • Three similarities between Topic A and Topic B, including evidence and references
  • Three differences between Topic A and Topic B, including evidence and references
  • Summary of evidence of similarities and differences
  • Support/Refutation of Thesis Statement
  • Concluding Statement

Finding Research Paper Templates

There are several reasons to make use of such a model for building your academic paper, the most important of which is that it helps your writing to flow and can improve your mark. Do not use any template off the web. Come to EssaysExperts.com for a good quality academic template, and make sure your essay has a strong structure.

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