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Research Proposal Sample

Drafting a research proposal isn’t easy. Research proposal tests your convincing abilities. The objective of presenting a research proposal is that you get an approval for your research work. It therefore becomes extremely critical that you take lot of efforts to draft a well written research proposal. Many students find it difficult to draft a research proposal and hence they look out for research proposal sample online. It is a good idea to refer to a research proposal sample because it provides you distinctive guidelines for drafting it. If you are scanning different websites or an apt research proposal sample then just visit EssaysExperts.com.

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EssaysExperts.com is a leading name in custom writing industry. We have been helping the global student community with their academic writing assignments. Here is a research proposal sample that speaks about the correlation between an individual’s lifestyle and his health.

Cover Page: A cover page represents the background of the topic that is being discussed in the research proposal sample. One needs to draft this section with an aim of convincing the reader about the need for this research. In this case the research is about establishing a correlation between the lifestyle and the health of an individual. Further research on this topic will benefit the society as whole because there are numerous young professionals who face critical health conditions because of overtly stressful lifestyle and in adequate eating habits. You must have solid base for getting an approval for the research.

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Goal of research paper: every research has one ultimate objective. In this particular research proposal sample, the goal is to list down different lifestyles and their impact on individual’s health.

Methodology: the approach to the research determines its success or failure. You must have a definitive methodology towards your research. You must descriptively put down your methodology in your research proposal. The scope of this article is limited hence it is almost impossible to list down different research tools. You will need to work out this section on your own.

Summary or conclusion: This section concludes your research proposal. You must try to drive the point home. This is your last chance to convince the committee about the research. You must briefly summarize all the points that you have mentioned in the research proposal. Your conclusion should be thought provoking and convincing.

The above mentioned research proposal sample is provided with a view to give you a brief idea about drafting a research proposal. Students often wonder where they can get some high quality samples for research proposals. There are numerous sites that claim to offer these samples but very few are able to maintain the quality. EssaysExperts.com provides you qualitative research proposal samples. You can also pay nominal charges for accessing research databases, your college library also will have several research paper proposals and lastly if you are not satisfied with any of the above options, you can order a custom written research proposal. A custom written research proposal will ensure that you have a unique and well written research proposal. If anytime you feel that you are stuck with your proposal, just log on to EssaysExperts.com and order your custom written research proposal from us.

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