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Research Paper Templates

Get Your Structure Right with Research Paper Templates

There are plenty of details for you to think about when writing your term paper, research paper or essay. These details range from finding an interesting, relevant title to getting all your citations correct and in order to making sure each paragraph deals with a new point and flows well from the previous one. If you want to lay the groundwork for your paper right so you have more time to deal with the details, then research paper templates are the way to go.

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The style of your paper will be determined by your professor and by the rules of your university or school. Once you are sure of the style required, you can look for research paper templates that are suitable. All research papers have standard layouts, but they vary slightly depending on whether you are in the natural or social sciences, psychology, history or humanities. The first three fields usually require papers to consist of the abstract, introduction, review of the literature, methodology, data, results, conclusion and discussion, works cited, and any appendices. The last two fields may only require the introduction, body copy to support the thesis statement, conclusion, and references. If you have a research paper templatethat matches your field of study, then the hard work of structuring your paper is almost done.

While the basic structure of a research paper is familiar to most students, the finer detail provided in a template is very useful. This is because it provides more information on what needs to go into each of the sections. You can go from a basic table-of-contents style template to a detailed version that contains fonts, margins and suggestions for how many citations to use in each sub-section. If you are running short on time or you know the research process will take a while, then finding appropriate research paper templatesis very important. A good template can help rescue your grade on the course because it ensures you know what information should go where and therefore saves time.

A very basic humanities research paper template might look like this:

  • Thesis Statement, Topic Background, Relevance of Topic, Terms Used
  • Point 1 – description of point, how it supports thesis statement, citations
  • Point 2 – description of point, how it supports thesis statement, citations
  • Point 3 – description of point, how it supports thesis statement, citations
  • Point 4 – description of point, how it supports thesis statement, citations
  • Restatement of Thesis, Summary of Points, Thesis Statement Supported or Refuted

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