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An online research paper is a document containing information on a certain topic of discussion. It’s usually obtained at a price that is specified by online dealer who deals in the profession of research paper writing. An online research paper is helpful for studying students who do not have adequate time to research and write on their research papers which are used in evaluation purposes in their grades in college. The process of research paper writing is carried out by a dealer who charges the customer according to the volume of work of the research paper. The dealer can create jobs by employing some assistants to help in the research paper writing. Students who want to buy any online research paper have to access Internet through the modem or cyber because that’s the only mode of communication available online between the dealer and customer. They also have to pay for the services rendered before they are given feedback on an essay.

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When I was a student for one to complete the college course work, I was required to write research paper on the factors affecting performance of students in class. The marks I got in the essay would determine whether I would graduate or not. Hence our instructor advised us to buy an online research paper on the topic of discussion, so I succeeded to buy a cheap, custom, online essay from a dealer; this was an easy and effective because the custom paper helped me graduated with an upper class division.

In my third year in college, our instructor gave us an essay on research paper writing and did not offer any writing help. Since I had no idea on what is a research paper, I looked for further information online on how to write research paper. Nevertheless a buddy of mine advised me to buy research papers online, this protected me form fatigue of going to research from the library. Online writing help is essential since it provides a student with more knowledge on diverse and difficult topic of discussion which one is not familiar with; hence one performs better academically. Students who desire to buy research papers online have to pay a certain price which depends on the dealer and the customer’s requirement .Online research papers are cheap and affordable to all.

There are many disadvantages of purchasing research papers online. When I was in college, most of my fellow students became very indolent for the reason that they did not mind on “what is a research paper”; they preferred to buy online research paper. When we graduated and went to look for jobs, most of us could not recall any thing they had been taught during the four years of college hence most of us failed the interviews. Students from Technical Institutions defeat students from universities in the job market since they can practically do what they have been taught whereas university students cannot because they have been exposed to online research. In my third year in college, I used all my pocket money to buy cheap custom online research paper as my assignments, and ended up borrowing money for upkeep from other students. When we were in fourth year, our class representative became jealous because the fellow students were defeating him in grades since they bought essays on research paper writing online, so he reported us to the lecturer; this led to the whole class repeating the assignment. When one is using the Internet, one has to pay the price to access it.

Dealers provide employment to the idle youth, after graduating most of my fellow students did not get any jobs hence they became online research paper writers. This has helped them sustain themselves without borrowing money from their parents.

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