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Free Custom «Women and Sexuality» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Women and Sexuality» Essay Paper

Question 1

People’s understanding of women’s experiences of desire has changed from the Freud’s time.  Women were considered not to have sexual desires, unlike today where both genders understand or at least men have a clue to women’s desire. The world has evolved to a time where theorists designate sexuality to be the nexus of human personality. People’s understanding of women and desires decades ago was notoriously inadequate (Levinson, 2003). Nevertheless, this change can only be said to occur in cultures, religions and states which embrace change, since some find it hard to accept it.

Question 2

The myth associated with vaginal orgasm and medicalization of sexuality has numerous effects on their sexuality. When women in the earlier days expressed their sexual desires, they would be regarded as medical cases. This affected their right to express their desires and enjoy having sex with their partners. However, other forms of medicalization can be said to have improved things (Levinson, 2003). Their bodies were no doubt confined to the unimaginative “pretend to have an orgasm” when their husbands had their share of fun. The myths were no better as people believed that vaginal orgasm was the “ideal” orgasm, and it was terribly wrong if a woman did not get a vaginal orgasm alone. Women had no power over their sexual desires, which prove how mind-numbing sex must have been for these women.

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Question 3

Talking or engaging on topics referring to female masturbation challenges the traditional norms since the modern belief is that women can get an orgasm without a real penis penetration. The traditional norm is that women were not capable of achieving an orgasm without their partners.

The Response my Classmate’s Post

The post in no doubt is intriguing, but, my classmate’s question to how men are likely to feeling about women getting orgasms on their own, has a direct answer. A woman getting an organism on her own does not mean that a man cannot participate. For sex to be more fun to a couple, both of them have to participate so that no one is left complaining (Levinson, 2003). Conclusively, women’s sexual problems should not be so much advocated for especially if the woman does not have terminal illnesses, which may lead, to seeking medical assistance. There are non-medical ways, which can also improve their desires. Eating chocolate in some women has been proven to increase their desires (Levinson, 2003).


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