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Free Custom «Modern Psychological Perspectives» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Modern Psychological Perspectives» Essay Paper

One of the modern psychological perspectives discussed by Hockenbury and Hockenbury (2009) is the biological perspective. It relates animal and human behavior to genetic influences, the nervous system activity and hormones. Another perspective is the psychodynamic perspective which focuses mainly on the development of a sense of one’s self and the unearthing of motivations within the behavior of an individual. These motivations are driven through dark forces of the unconscious nature. The humanistic perspective on the other hand relies on the free will of people. Therefore, human behavior is influenced by the ability of every person to become his or her best.

The cognitive perspective states that people are systems of processing information. The focus thus is entirely on intelligence, problem solving, memory and learning. Therefore, behavior is determined by the interpretation that occurs in the mind. Another perspective is the behavioral perspective where behavior is determined through social learning contexts. The positive psychology perspective achieves a scientific view and effective interventions in building thriving force in people, families and the society at large. Cross-cultural perspective asserts that mental process and human behavior are influenced through diverse cultural conditions. Finally, the evolutionary perspective relates human psychological traits and behavior to the adaptations which are mainly the results of sexual orientation or natural selection (Hockenbury and Hockenbury, 2009).

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Well, in of these modern psychological perspectives, the behavioral perspective most depicts my belief. This is mainly because I believe that most behavior is learnt from social groupings. The biological perspective least illustrates my belief because the world has become very much sophisticated. Therefore, human behavior cannot entirely rely on genes while there has been a lot of influence from the social context where behavior is being learnt.


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