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Free Custom «Psychometry » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Psychometry » Essay Paper


This article introduces Buchanan’s new system of anthropology, whereby Buchanan gives an introduction of psychometry, his newly discovered method of science after 6 years of research. Buchanan classifies psychometry as one of the seven fundamental sciences of psychology. The introduction is followed by a practical demonstration of his theory on force contained in matter as what influences medicine to work but not the matter itself.

Buchanan’s Contribution to Scientific Psychology: Article Review

This article introduces Buchanan’s new method in science of anthropology, in which he introduces the concept of psychometry. He describes psychometry as the power to explore mind, character and disease.  In addition, He describes psychometry as the ability to discover medicine, poisons, and crimes, rectify history and biography. According to Buchanan, psychometry enlarges the boundaries of many sciences and reveals man’s character to himself, enabling man to determine proper associations of life. Buchanan argues that his new discoveries originate from the work of Gall and Spuzheim on brain physiology.

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Arguing that his earlier work on cerebral physiology and cronioscopy was not satisfactory; Buchanan describes how his discovery on the art of exciting the centers of human brain in order to make them manifest their functions in 1841, led to his new discovery of psychometry. He points out that through psychometry, the votaries of the brain are able to determine mental influence of other people with whom someone comes into contact and even discover the psychic influence of any manuscript submitted to them.

In addition, Buchanan describes the sympathy between body and mind as an exact science, which he refers to as sarcagnomy, arguing that through experiments, he had discovered laws that govern ways in which a soul functions and how it interacts with the brain and the body, a science he referred to as pneumatology. Furthermore, Buchanan points out to the existence of common mathematical principles that unite psychometry, sarcagnomy and pneumatology, making them one entity. He argues that the fundamental laws of the drama and fine arts formed another science, which he referred to as pathognomy.

In conclusion, Buchanan practically demonstrates his theory on what makes medication to work. According to his theory, it is the force contained in matter that makes medicine to work but not the matter itself. He proves this by practically administering some medication to his students and asking them for results.


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