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Free Custom «Female Empowerment» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Female Empowerment» Essay Paper

The female empowerment in this article is enhanced by the strong union between the females than in the male. In this article the women empowerment is clearly indicated during the murder case of John Wrights by his wife. The empowerment is greatly contributed by the social communication and interaction which enhances the involvement and connectedness of the women. The article shows that the men detachment to issues which concerns them results to the undermining of their patriarchal dominance (folks 1).

This is clearly shown when Mrs. Peters accompanies the men to collect the clothes of the imprisoned woman and Mrs. Hales joins them with the sole purpose to accompany the other woman. They both miss the presence of Minnie Wright who was murdered. This confirms their unity as females as opposed the males who insist on isolated positions towards Mr. Wright who is the victim. While the men just look on the unfolding case women led by the sheriffs’ wife attitude towards the case is characterized by the personal involvement, concrete relationships and the subjective connection between themselves rather than principles of objectivity, detachment and general rules application.

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The women also show their unity when county attorney insinuates that Mrs. Wright was not a good housekeeper and Mrs. Hale rejects the accusation openly. Due to their same level of lifestyle as farmers’ wives they have knowledge on the issues affecting each other and hence they share. Their connection is vividly shown when the women come across the dead bird in Minnies’ bird cage as both horror and comprehension are stimulated in Mrs. Peters.

The female close relationships make them seem powerful than the males in the trifle play. This results to battle of the sexes which is a major theme in the play. Mrs. Peters joins other women in covering up the evidence against the murderess by hiding the dead canary and lying that the cat was responsible. This is framed as emancipation act over her identity from male dominance. The isolation, lack of communication and social exclusion of the murderess environment resulted to the killing of his husband. The husband disapproved the social interaction and his different suggestions that never favored socialization (Glaspell).

The male in this article are depicted as harsh and insensitive as Mrs. Hale comments that John Wright was a hard man who made her shiver likes a raw wind in the bone. The women therefore are empowered by the close relationships that hold them together. It is the same union that enables them to overcome the murder case against one of their own. However as depicted in the article the females union has an effect on each individual since they worked as one community raising concerns about the welfare of each other. Meanwhile the detachment from the union as indicated in the play resulted to the death of her husband. The husband promoted the solitude in his wife’s life which she had no control over hence showing the importance of women interaction (Sellers).

The male characters in the play are shown to exert patriarchal powers over their wives by making their decisions to be followed. This can be shown by John Wright who wanted his homestead to be a very quiet place.(Bárbara Ozieblo 55) This however provokes his wife who had even seized to sing in the church choir and was not allowed to participate in the community charity circle. This forced her to live in a solitary life and was not left with any option other than killing him.

The battle of the sexes is indicated in the article as the female attitude toward the murder case is characterized by connectedness and involvement principles while that of male is detached and objective. This promotes the female empowerment, creation and revaluation. The men are shown to have more interest in convicting women. In the article the county attorney and Sherriff already know the murderer of john wrights but they look for evidence that would implicate the woman as the attorney tells Sherriff that the murderer is very clear but there is no reason for the action. The self interest in men to find Mrs. Wright guilty affects the entire investigation process. This is because they cannot allow the crime interpretation which would ruin the patriarchal power relationships foundations. The men are also depicted to require company which is indicated when Mr. Hales gives his testimonies about the death of John Wright. He states that he went to talk to john to convince him to put in a telephone which he openly ignored. This also indicates the necessity of interaction and communication between men. The men conclude that the woman lacks home making instincts which depict the woman as unnatural and bad. Meanwhile Mrs. Hale reacts to the conclusion and points out that the men have a role in home making and they are the cause of the entanglement hence women should not be the ones to be blamed.

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Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hales various arguments in the article are considered as the women empowerment in liberation act from patriarchal dominance. However in the article; the author does not clearly indicate that the men are generally bad and the women good.

The author uses the principles of detachment and objectivity that men employ in the article to approach and conclude on the John’s murder case. Their attitude toward the case is the elements used to indicate the men behavior. However they cannot be regarded as that good in the article as their patriarchal dominance leads to extreme results. Their insensitivity toward women indicated by John who does not allow the wife to engage in interactions and communication with other women results to their depiction as bad. However the author also shows that they are good when Mr. Hale talks to John on the issue of acquiring a telephone. This would enhance communication between him and others. This shows them as considerate.

The women however; though having strong bonds with each other they are not shown to be that good in the article. The teaming of Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hales to protest against Mrs. Wright who murdered her husband is not only bad but also unnatural. The women unity though good as shown in the article it enhances inconveniences. This can be shown when Mrs. Peters, Mrs. Wrights and Mrs. Hales cover the dead bird and lies that the cat was responsible. This makes the investigation process to be affected due to lack of evidence against the murder even though they understood well the person responsible.

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Women on the other hand assist each other which is good since they interact with each other to keep away solitude. This is shown when Mrs. Hales joins Mrs. Peters for the purpose to offer company. The women are not also good as depicted in the article as one of them kills her husband due to lack of interaction and communication with each other and other people. This is shown by Mrs. Wright who murders her husband as he restricts her to communicate and interact with other women.

According to the unveiling Kate Chopin article by Emily Toth the marriage institution is criticized. The men are also criticized for their inability to understand what a woman requires hence resulting to disappointment.(William Coyle 15) This applies to this article as John Wrights failed to understand the interaction and communication elements that his wife required and which resulted to connectivity with other people. This led to Johns’ death and disappointment to the men whose patriarchal dominance was been neglected. In the cult of true womanhood article women were shaped by attitude collection that associated real womanhood with the family and home. The women directed their efforts in their households and provided moral influence to their children and husbands when they were safely shielded from public affairs and business influence. In the article women were not allowed to undertake hard tasks. In relation to trifle article this is true as Mrs. Wright is not allowed to do hard tasks and interact with other people. Her husband refuses to install a telephone in order to guard her from the public affairs even though she takes it negatively and kills him.

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The female empowerment is basically attributed to the connectedness between each other in the article. However other factors have also contributed to the empowerment including patriarchal dominance by the men. Through various interactions and communications the women in the article are able to side with Mrs. Wright who killed her husband. They use various communication forms to each other which help in interfering with the investigation process. Battle of the sexes theme is well depicted in the article as both men and women differ in their approach on the murder case.

The women through their connectedness argue with the men who give out remarks against their values. Meanwhile the men are detached from the case even though the victim is the deceased who is their own and want to prevent their patriarchal dominance foundation from damage. Their insensitivity towards the women results to decrease of their dominance as women are left with choices which they forced to apply. The women empowerment has also resulted to a better view of situations.


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