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Free Custom «Child?s Play and Health» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Child?s Play and Health» Essay Paper

Play is extremely essential because it aids the social, physical, cognitive, and emotional welfare of the children. It is also highly instrumental in facilitating parents’ full engagement with their children. Therefore, it is critical that children get adequate time for play avoid obesity, high-blood pressure, diabetes mellitus type 2, and to improve dexterity, flexibility, and strength.

First, play is vital for children because it aids their dexterity development. This involves the enhancement of the use of the hands because they engage them in their play. For instance, when the children take part in a play that entails handling objects; their motor skills are enormously developed because of the muscle movement (Phd, 2010). These games include pushing and pulling of toys, throwing and catching, and swinging ropes. These games are valuable because they help in the maintenance of the children’s physical health.

Another benefit of child-play is that it helps in the prevention of obesity. With a high rate of fast-food industry in the world, many parents feed their children to junk food, which cause them to grow overweight. Technology has also made it hard for the children to participate in physical games. Therefore, most of them suffer from obesity and other related diseases at a tender age. Plays, such as, running, shouting, swimming, and acrobatics help children burn calories, and maintain a strong health and confidence in life.

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Play also helps the children explore and build their world. This implies that children learn many things in the environment; hence, they conquer their fears in the process of practicing the adult roles (Phd, 2010). Moreover, children develop confidence through play as they interact with a variety of children and ideas. They also develop socially by learning how to solve conflicts, and share responsibilities. As a result, children who play grow into mature and responsible adults who can handle any challenge in life.

What is more, child play improves the child’s health in that it reduces the risks of developing the cardiovascular diseases, such as, atherosclerosis. This is a heart complication that results from the lack of exercise among the young and the old people. The complications mainly affect children who participate in passive play, such as, electronic games. On the contrary, those that engage in active play avoid the risks of heart diseases. Therefore, children should be more engaged in play than the passive play in order to build their physical health.

More so, play is critical for children because it reduces the risks of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus and high-blood pressure. A lot of exercise among the children will aid in the control of the blood glucose. Therefore, children should be allowed to take part in outdoor activities, such as, swinging, bending, climbing trees, jumping, swimming, and acrobatics. Consequently, these will minimize the possibility of developing obesity, a condition that leads to diabetes mellitus type 2 and others.

In addition, play is highly indispensable because it improves the improvement of the strength among children. Pulling and pushing of objects significantly build the children’s muscles; hence, they grow into truly strong individuals. This, in turn, improves their performance both in school and at home. Besides, children who engage in active play learn to be more flexible than those that participate in passive play.

In conclusion, it is vital that all the children are allowed to pay adequately to improve their health status. Despite the technological changes, and the growth of the fast-food industry, there are ways of exercising among children to maintain a strong health. Therefore, play is highly indispensable in the prevention of obesity, Type 2 diabetes mellitus, high-blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, it helps in the building of muscles and development of strength and flexibility among children.


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