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Free Custom «Comparing Values» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Comparing Values» Essay Paper

What values underlie your desire to help others?

The true desire is to help others, without considering whether I am being seen by anyone or not (The Human Service Worker, 2004). I prefer doing good things without recognition. If one realizes how much better this world appear if more individuals helped one another without expecting any reward, it is a lot easier to do good things. I also normally have the notion that when I help people, same will happen to some of my loved ones including my family members and friends. It is also based on religion because God expects us to be good to others.

What social values do you strongly feel about?

Racism and child abuse are the social issues that I feel strongly about. I cannot just understand why some individuals must undermine others only because their skin color is different from theirs. We may be of different religions, nations and color, but they just accept the fact that all people are equal, both have emotions and feelings. On the issue of child abuse, parents should not just mistreat their children and even those of others because these are gifts from God and they are also human beings, thus should be treated with tender care.

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How do you go about solving personal problems?

There is no particular way of solving a problem. However, a problem can only be solved when someone is held to that problem or really approaches the situation. The best way is keeping a free mind at the problem or situation and patiently trying to find the root cause of the problem, and substantially exploring all the possible solutions and then determining the type of solution for the problem and the results of the radical change in the system and environment.

Do you readily seek help from others when you need it?

It is true that I readily seek help from others whenever I am in need because there are some problems that are usually difficult to be handled by an individual single-handedly. However, it depends on the kind of problem and the kind of people I approach. I tend to approach people whom I am very close with, and don’t fear or feel ashamed when they know about my personal or private issues. 


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