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Free Custom «Becoming a Helper» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Becoming a Helper» Essay Paper

I want to become a helper because I want to help people cope with their emotional and psychological problems which they cannot share with their friends. Apart from that, people do not recognize some problems until an expert helps them to find the root of their issues. I feel that this is the right thing to do. When I see that people have everything to be happy, but they cannot be happy of some psychological hindrances, I cannot calmly watch it. I feel the need to help that person and guide him or her in the right direction. I know that sometimes a good piece of advice can change the entire life of an individual. I would like to assist people with changing their lives and becoming happy.

I realize that my values have a profound impact on the counseling process. I belong to those counselors who believe in positive human nature. I mean, I am convinced that people can be mistaken, but it does not mean they are bad, spoiled and deserve suffering. I think my belief in the good human nature would work for me rather than against me. I suppose that this value might be helpful in the counseling process because it would decrease my irritation and prejudice. Being deprived of prejudices is one of the most important characteristics of a good counselor as I think. On the other hand, I am conscious that my positive attitude may influence my perception of the client’s problem. I presuppose it can underestimate some problems as easy to solve when the opposite is true.

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I have strict moral principles, and I cannot stand immoral behavior such as unfaithfulness. I guess different views on faithfulness of my client and me could cause a value conflict. My conscience may object to supporting the client in his or her infidelity. However, I am aware that I should be unprejudiced as a counselor. For that reason, I will keep my opinion of unfaithfulness to myself, trying to concentrate on other aspects of the problem and all client’s concerns (Skovholt & Rivers, 2004). Still, when unfaithfulness appears the root of the psychological problems of the client, I will tell him or her about it. I will not judge this behavior, but I will share my vision of a problem and the possible solutions to it. Avoiding imposing one’s values on others is difficult but possible. The best solution is to find out the set of client’s values and try to work within this system. Different clients have different values, and I cannot impose my own ones on them. It would be unprofessional. Therefore, moral relativism is a better solution when dealing with clients who have different systems of values.

One difficulty I may face in my future career is dealing with my own reactions to the clients’ confessions. I cannot feel secured against countertransference, which indicates individual’s unresolved internal conflicts that need to be overcome and ensures effective work with the client (Corey & Corey, 2010). Alternatively, I realize that it might help me to use all my reactions in the therapeutic way. My typical reaction patterns could indicate which feelings my clients evoke and why this is happening. On the other hand, the way I respond may delay the helping relationship. In particular, I may become subjective and prejudiced towards the client and his or her life situation and life choices. I think particular reaction pattern that might prove a challenge to me as a helper is my compassion. I am pitiful to the clients with a very difficult life. There is a thin line between compassion and empathy (Shebib, 2003). I am likely to be very kind and make every effort in order to help them. Sometimes I get involved with others’ problems too much, and my compassion can become a true challenge to me. I must be more distanced from the client’s problem in order to save my nerves.


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