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Free Custom «Why Study International Law in Line with International Relations» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Why Study International Law in Line with International Relations» Essay Paper

My intense interest in international law started almost naturally and from a very small and enclosed community. As a child I naturally found it mandatory to fight for what I thought was fairly mine, thanks to competition from my siblings at home. Moving up to kindergarten, I was now exposed to other children who were new to me and came from different families. They did not approach any contests the same way my siblings did, thus to maintain my natural quest I had to understand them and find the best way to win in any arising conflicts while at the same time took time to learn from my failed attempts at having my way. As I moved on to higher grades, I got to naturally pick up public relations which when I well mastered always had me settle uncomfortable situations with relative ease. Picking up the less physical ways to sort out disputes was not easy but always amazed me at how these methods always left both parties in a conflict mutually comfortable with judgments and solutions passed. My position was further strengthened being a class representative and finally became one of the senior prefects. This had me sort out cases directly and I was pleased with my performance because most students sort my guidance and seemed to prefer my consideration whenever the Teachers were unavailable. One challenge was to always pass on the case details and reports to the school administration. This required excellent communication and presentation skills whether oral or written. Through continuous presentation I have internalized these skills because one has to always make sense if he is the one seeking audience from other parties.

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Growing up, I took to watching the Television and realized I had a bias in watching documentaries or news that highlighted interactions among nations whether positive or negative. Applying my class and school methods in conflict situations of nations seemed almost similar and I found it very intriguing whenever I would write down possible solutions to an issue and strike out each till I came out with the best. I always got it right but not with the same perspective applied by the participants. The terms and reasons given for not taking up some of my written down solutions always seemed infinite thus to quench my knowledge on the methods applied, I have since been working hard to get to such a position, whereby a young listener, reader or observer with no prior experience would pick up from me. I think I would be unique from the rest of the International Relationship professionals because am determined not only to excel in the field but also come up with simpler explanations which will satisfy the young followers who will be as equally confused as I was though very interested.

My family has been supportive and my siblings have gradually acknowledged the good interpersonal skills I have developed continuously which gives me a positive outlook that I would equally satisfy any extended audience as I managed at school. Isolated from my family at school, interacting with a variety of students from the Diaspora made me have a taste of how simple solutions can be difficult to apply basing on differentiated backgrounds. I have always looked at this as an opportunity to understand the world interactions especially in economics, commerce and trade. My religious background has always been a key guide at attempting to sort these disputes because it gives universally acceptable standards on moral and ethics. It emphasizes global integration and peaceful co-existent having every citizen of the world consider the next person as a brother or sister thus an equal human being despite variance in social, economic, financial and religious status. The experience I have attained from my diverse schoolmates has enhanced my interest in consistent professional growth and consequent knowledge expansion in international law and relations. I hope to have a sound base through interaction with lecturers, professors and great scholars while pursuing the course of my dream.


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