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Free Custom «A Personal Habit » Essay Paper

Free Custom «A Personal Habit » Essay Paper

The essay identifies and describes my personal habit that best defines who I am. It is worth noting that one can become aware of his or her own habits in day to day life if the practice is exercised regularly. Writing and keeping journals is one habit that describes who I am. It is important to note that keeping journals is not only meant for adults. Additionally, I have learnt that it’s a positive habit usually developed by practicing. Similarly, it is a source of inspiration as it allows me to write my achievements, helps make one aware of his or her strengths.

I have taken journaling as a meditation. I have the habit of writing in my journal daily and times weekly. This has been possible by setting a side time in regular basis in doing so. In most cases I do write before going to sleep. If I have to write weekly, this is after college activities. Similarly, I have noted that whenever there is a free time that is the right time to keeping a journal. Additionally, the moment I evaluate and realize that am fresh and very creative coupled with having a desire to write I do take that opportunity to writing in my journal.

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I find keeping a journal to be very helpful to get my emotions out, helps me express myself and really find out what I’m feeling. While going through college challenges, journaling helps empty all worries from my heads onto the safe pages of my writings this in turn brings positive ideas from my mental background.

Lastly, although it is personal in the quest of trying to keep track with what happened in the past, I do read old journals. I find it to be fun and embarrassing while I go through the things that happened in my past.


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