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Free Custom «The School Cafe » Essay Paper

Free Custom «The School Cafe » Essay Paper

There is great challenge in being a leader, and a good one at it. When I embraced that challenge and ran for the school presidency my hope and ambition were pegged on the welfare of my fellow students and the entire school community. I had promised many things that astonished even me during those instances I slept: sleep was hard to come by during the campaign period. Promises are like babies I hear; easy to make, hard to deliver. So when I promised drugs to cure hunger the students detected foul play and I had to relegate that to a school café when I smelt a bad-omen-coffee of massive defeat.

Our school offers food during meal times only. That was an added advantage to that noble idea I thought. ‘Students will no longer have to buy junk food again’, I mused at times, and then I would shout Eureka! “A pharmacist is what I want to be so my goal is clean food, healthy students and hence an insurmountable legacy to generations of this school. Let nobody lie to you, it’s not wealth that make people healthy, its health that makes people wealthy.” That was my mantra, the hitting line that made even moles to get out their holes and listen to my enthusiastic campaigns.

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I had also promised better sporting equipment and better terms from the management of the school. This made me nervous deep inside though it did not deter my ambition. I lost the election marginally to an opponent who had promised a school pub and a host of other entertainment oriented promises. I felt heartbroken though I considered it an awesome experience. The lessons were many and I am better because now I know that evil seems to win all the time.

I still preserve my hope of being a leader some day and the burning desire to impact on the lives of people lingers. The school presidency is a post that positions one to serve a small group of people but my dream has grown and I want to impact to lives of a bigger number of people. This is the reality that I want to get close to and there is no better way than to join college.


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