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Free Custom «Personal Statement» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Personal Statement» Essay Paper

I am a registered nurse from United Kingdom who is rich of experience in this nursing sector. I have a lot of experience in the nursing sector especially in ensuring that the patients are taken care of. Personally, I am a team player in any group of colleagues because I believe in team work towards getting successful results. I have a lot of knowledge when it comes to trouble shooting in case of any trouble that may occur within the working area. I have capability of making quick decisions especially in the situations that need urgent solutions. I am kind of person who interact with other team members towards coming up with a solution incase a major problem occurs. I am dedicated towards working regardless of the working situation or even the kind of job. I work under minimum supervision and am always ready to deliver the best possible services.

I have great interest to work with Aero-Care Company as well as being a member of its team. Although I never worked at the airport, I feel I have a lot of skills not only to work but to work perfectly. I will dedicate my services and time towards delivering quality work in the company. I feel I have capability of working perfectly in the customer service and ticketing department, ramp operations, baggage make loading and baggage make up departments. Despite having no relevant skills or experience in the airline sector, I know I can be able to work very well and perfectly in those departments. I have capability of changing the reputation of the firm even to greater heights or levels. I will us the knowledge a have to ensure everything goes well in coordination with other team players. Being a person capable of making quick decisions, I will ensure I use that knowledge to assist in coming out with precise decisions to ensure all is well and every problem is handled very precisely. It is my hope I will be able to work with this company so as to us my knowledge and skills in helping this company.


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