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Free Custom «Characteristics and Skills » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Characteristics and Skills                                                                  » Essay Paper

I would like to apply for the advertised opportunity of Job Training Partnership Program in your company. I would be interested in talking with you any time early on how my experience in the provision of counseling and services could be of real value to your company.

I have had a tremendous experience in working specifically with children while I was still a teacher. In the course of my profession however, I realized that my interest was social work and social services delivery. I was therefore motivated to change my profession to social work field so that I could be able to assist children who needed help beyond classroom. My first experience as a social worker involved counseling younger adults in and this has helped me to be honest and friendly to the client that I handle. This is clearly depicted on the answers that I have been able to provide to my clients who have had serious social problems in their lives.

Other ways of helping my clients were through the sharing ones personal experience and this assists play a very important role in executing duties effectively. My experience also extends to include dealing with clients having various social problems including divorce alcohol addiction and even mental illness (Burger, 2001). I later advanced to various managerial positions in social work organizations ranging from helping adolescents, those with psychiatric disorders, and those faced with substance abuse and depression. I am a resourceful individual able to work with all categories of people at all levels.

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The experience that I have gained as a social worker have widen my understanding about my career and I have been able to identify physiatry, therapy, and marriage counseling as some of the fields which I can venture into. In order to accomplish this however I have come to realize that learn Physical Therapy at Seton Hall University. The scope of my career also requires me to have good communication skills in order for me to communicate with the client effectively. I have been able to develop and advance this skill and I believe that the degree program that I am pursuing will be of great help to me. Problem resolution will be easier for me because it will rest particularly on the understanding that I will be able to establish with my clients.


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