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I wish to apply for an opportunity to study for degree in Aerospace Science and Engineering. The Aerospace Science and Engineering training program is precisely what I need to prepare me for my profession life. I am determined that UC can deliver ...
I would like to apply for the advertised opportunity of Job Training Partnership Program in your company. I would be interested in talking with you any time early on how my experience in the provision of counseling and services could be of real ...
The book presents an insight to newcomers on how they can find a job upon their arrival in Canada and even before arriving. By so doing, it provides the newcomers with not only being capable of understanding the Canadian job markets but also advices ...
I am a registered nurse from United Kingdom who is rich of experience in this nursing sector. I have a lot of experience in the nursing sector especially in ensuring that the patients are taken care of. Personally, I am a team player in any group of ...
There is great challenge in being a leader, and a good one at it. When I embraced that challenge and ran for the school presidency my hope and ambition were pegged on the welfare of my fellow students and the entire school community. I had promised ...

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