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Free Custom «Job in Canada» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Job in Canada» Essay Paper

The book presents an insight to newcomers on how they can find a job upon their arrival in Canada and even before arriving. By so doing, it provides the newcomers with not only being capable of understanding the Canadian job markets but also advices them on the best career paths they should choose that could enable them easily land a job in Canada. The book offers the new immigrants with thorough and proper learning in order for them to be capable of providing for their families and further prosper in their new country (Capone, et al, 2009).

This is the most relevant and essential book for my career because it has job leads which are the most vital components of successfully searching for new jobs by job seekers. The tendency by job seekers to search for job information is made easier through this book which has many sources of career and job leads. These are arranged into a list of hierarchy which is most efficient and effective. The use of this book enables me to choose the best career and job opportunities. This will make me be capable of getting the highest and largest job leads that are of high quality. The book also lists various types of job fairs and career fairs that are regularly conducted and thus giving me a good opportunity to become exposed and make sound decisions regarding my career path (Ludlow, et al, 2010).

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The importance of this book is depicted in its ability to inform the reader the benefits of attending the career and job fairs. It is through them that one gets a chance in meeting the various company employees who have been sent to meet and recruit potential prospects. The book is essential in my career path since it entails information on making preparations before hand and identifying potential employers who are in attendance. It is through the identification of the potential employers that one can be able to ascertain the employers who are directly related to his or her career and know facts regarding the employment terms like for instance the remuneration and other work conditions (Kidd, 2006).

“How to find a job in Canada: Common problems and effective Solutions, Canadian New Comer Series” is a relevant book because it entails crucial information concerning the benefits of the Corporate Career centers. It reflects them as being one of the first growing elements of job leads. It is through this book that a reader can be able to realize how various companies worldwide have gone ahead and formed Corporate Career Centers which normally include guidelines for submission of the job search materials, job openings and wealth information regarding the company like for instance career paths, corporate culture, benefits e.t.c. It is such kind of information that makes this book to be the most useful in my job search in Canada and other places I may aspire to work (Robinson, 2009).

The essentiality and importance of “How to find a job in Canada: Common problems and effective Solutions, Canadian New Comer Series” is because it insists that in order to be successful in any job search, one is not only supposed to develop many job leads. These can be obtained from a variety of sources but must also do follow ups for any job that was applied. The book contains information on why and individual should do follow-up of job leads applied to confirm if the material sent during application reached the relevant recipient. In order to be more successful in job searches, the authors of this book advice that an applicant should have a spectacular or solid and professional package of job searching. This includes, a cover letter that is tailored in order to meet the specific needs of the employer and the job descriptions as outlined by the company (Athanasou, et al, 2008).

Dale Sproule and Efic Cheinis’ book clearly satisfy the qualities of a good job search material because of its value, reliability and accuracy concerning the job searches. It is also a relevant material towards my career search because its contents were approved before being made public. This therefore makes my work as a job searcher to be easier in determining what suits my specific needs. The presence of various opinions, facts, statistics, interpretations and stories in the book heavily contribute towards its relevance towards my chosen career because it helps me in making informed choices, decisions, viewpoint and furthermore; it helps me in creating or changing any given beliefs or attitudes concerning some careers (Vick, et al, 2008).

If I was given the privilege of rating this book regarding the information it contains on how to search for a job in Canada by new people, I will definitely categorize it as “Very Good”. Screening of this book as a potential source of information on job searches is quicker because the various opinions, facts, reasoned arguments and descriptions are easily found in the book. The book is therefore, a credible source of information regarding the job search because it makes the reader be both objective and fair when reading its contents (Formo, et al, 2009).

The book “How to find a job in Canada: Common problems and effective Solutions, Canadian New Comer Series” easily pass the corroboration and external contents because other sources of information supports the contents of this book. Since confirmability and Corroboration are vital test of truth in areas of opinion and judgment, this makes the book to be a relevant source of material or information regarding my job search in my specific career. It is because of its sound arguments that most of the other sources are in agreement with the contents of the book. Some four other sources were in agreement with the contents of this book and thus making it a reliable and credible source of information towards my career path and search. The use of information to test information was thus well utilized. External consistency is applied in this book through making a comparison of what is familiar in the book with the other sources. The availability of various sources of evidence in support of the book makes it a reliable and trusted source of information on which I can search for information concerning my career and job search (Turner, 2006).

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Before making decisions, reliable and accurate sources of information should be used. The use of unreliable, untrustworthy sources of information will result in negative impacts to an individual or an organization in general. It is always prudent to assess various sources of information before arriving to the best one since this will greatly contribute to one’s success or failure in general life. Having the capability of differentiating between a wrong source of information and a correct one should be a skill everyone should yearn to possess (Walsh, et al, 2011).


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