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Free Custom «Aerospace Admission» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Aerospace Admission» Essay Paper

I wish to apply for an opportunity to study for degree in Aerospace Science and Engineering. The Aerospace Science and Engineering training program is precisely what I need to prepare me for my profession life. I am determined that UC can deliver me to my achievement as best as I plan it to, and can accomplish my ambition of becoming triumphant in the commercial aerospace industry through UC outstanding Aerospace Science and Engineering program.

My choice of UC was made after many considerations. UC is well known for providing an academic environment conducive for learning. “To be tested is good. The challenged life maybe the best therapist” said Gail Sheehy. I believe that the most effective way of learning is by facing a challenge. This is the way of teaching at UC. At UC, students have the option of an online course. This would be convenient for me because the classes are flexible.

Out of my past professional ideas and interests, Aerospace Science and Engineering always stuck; I have always had an interested in it! I have always been excited to board a plane even if it was a 12 hour flight! I want to be an Aerospace Science and Engineer when I graduate from my college because of my interest in aircraft and my love for flying. I love each and every aspect of flying; the pressure sense on the back of my mind as the airliner barrels down the airstrip and the distinguishing jet fuel smell that fills the chalet whenever the turbofans are started, the noises of the jet engine during takeoff, are just merely a few characteristic that make me love flying. I also like everything about airliners; the instruments, appearance, systems and controls that work together to manage the flight add to my great interest in Aerospace Science and Engineering. The instruments and the complex systems that make the flight successful are just incredible to me. When I watch some aviation videos online, I like all the sound of the engine plus the sounds of the flight deck when a conduct has performed an ideal landing, I also like watching the planes maneuver in the air. Whenever I watch these videos, a feeling of amazement takes over my mind. I love airplane and it would be my pleasure to operate as an aerospace engineer.

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These experiences made me realize the importance of security of information in companies, and that became my career objective, to provide companies with secure and available information. UC will help in achieving this objective.

I therefore believe that I have what it takes to make it in the UC. This would help me to establish a firm academic basis for my future aerospace career. With fluency in English, I believe I don’t have many obstacles to my success. Given a chance, I believe I will develop my skills in order to further my career in aerospace engineering.

Growing up was not all a bed of roses for us. My sister and I was expected to attend school and maintain good grades, help my father run errands. At times pick up my sister from her school which was not very far away from our home. It is with this manner of growing up faced with a lot of responsibilities and expectations both from school, family and interaction with people from all walks of life that I came to attain a sense of responsibility, honesty, creativity which I came to realize when I suggested a couple of designs for my mothers tailoring job which sold very well, trustworthy, a meticulous and excellent communicator and a dedicated top performer as my school results proved.

My sister was a hotel manager and that somehow inspired me about traveling around the world and aviation. When I was a kid, I had chances to play with airplane models, and when I grew up, I liked to play flight simulator games. It became my hobby and I start to love them. I attended Vietnam school where we only did theory work and never applied it anywhere since there were no practical lessons involved. We only did tests and never had a chance to practice that’s why I love airplanes and aviation as it’s very practical.

Having been born into a family where both parents were business people, having to run errands and interact with different clients both my mothers and my fathers, the knowledge I had acquired from School, the experiences I have had, having worked in different jobs in different capacities both in the past and present, I have had jobs working in restaurants and waiters and busboys, I have worked as an office assistant where I was faced with the responsibility of running office errands and even at times do some marketing for them. I have also been a salesperson for Vector Marketing Company where I increased their sales by a huge percentage the period I was working for them. I have not been involved in any clubs. I have not had an internship but I hope to in the very near future.

I'm a very passionate man. I am the kind of person whom when I love something, I will do the very best to accomplish it. I normally set a goal and I try to achieve it. I feel satisfied whenever I accomplish my goals and repeat the whole process again. By doing this, it not only improves my skills but also trains my will to become iron. I love doing things that require discipline and concentration such as Rubik's cube. I love Rubik's cube because when solving Rubik's cube, I need to concentrate a lot and it requires patient. Initially I started with the 3x3 cube and then later on I went for the 3 dimensions cube, 2x2, 4x4, 5x5, triangle cube among others. I also challenge myself in solving speed. I love technology and everything that involves technology always catches my intention. My parents always give me opportunities to play with new technology. Whenever something new is innovated, I always find interest in knowing how it operates .I love basketball and I was an active member of the school team. Helping people is always my pleasure. I volunteered to help old people at the Garden Grove which is near my residence. I'm proud of myself and I always feel happy when I make people happy.

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In addition to the above mentioned qualities, I find it important that I be honest and courteous to other people in the society. I usually seek to be respected, which is a common attribute of human beings. I realized that in order to be respected by other people, one ought to be respectful to others. Respect and trust are attributes that promote coexistence of people from different backgrounds within the society. I have developed a tendency to respect any other people, their opinions and thoughts. From the above, I believe I possess the qualities to pursue a career in counseling, and that I shall abide by the code of ethics of professional counseling.

On joining UC, I plan to start by achieving my objectives which I have categorized as short time and long time (Moore, 2010). My short time objectives are to maintain and upward trend in academics. This means that I will try to always attain the highest points possible in preparation for a business career in future.

There is a lot that I can do but that I can not sufficiently enumerate herein. My wish is that all that I have highlighted will play a significant role in your verdict to permit me entry into your institution. I feel that I am highly qualified to be in your institution. But it is not upon you to decide whether I am qualified or not. My submission herein, I think is sufficient to earn me a place in your institution. I have to say that after giving you this personal statement, I can already visualize myself gaining entry into your gates, marching up to the administration block right into registrar’s office and being told of the day when I should report for classes. I am sure I will be invaluable to your institution, both in curricular and extra-curricular activities. I will also make sure that I do my best to live to my high standards. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance.


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