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Free Custom «Yummi House» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Yummi House» Essay Paper

Yummi Wild Honey from Yummi House is said to gather from honeycombs found in natural wild forests in different parts of the world. “Yummi Wild Honey is 1OO% natural, 1OO% from the wild honeycomb, 1OO% unprocessed, 1OO% no artificial sweetening, 1OO% no artificial colouring and 1OO% no preservative” (Yummi Wild Honey, 2010). In other words, there are no chemical or thermal processes involved in the production of honey as all man-made honey would. Yummi Wild Honey is a superior form of natural nutrients and is an excellent healthcare product.      

The top 2 products of the company are Breadfruit (Polyfloral) and Wild Jungle (Balsa) of Yummi Wild Honey. Wild Jungle (Balsa) is mainly for adult and senior, and Breadfruit (Polyfloral) for ladies. Wild Jungle is 63% more expensive than Breadfruit (Our Products Yummi Wild Honey, 2010). Sample of honey packing is shown above.          

Customer Targets

The two top products of Yummi Wild Honey are essentially healthcare products. It needs to be noted that nowadays healthcare products and services are very well sought after by health-conscious individuals in our modern world. Customers of healthcare products such as Yummi Wild Honey would thus come from people of all age groups, different races, and both genders. The price of these two products is not cheap, hence customers from at least the lower middle class would be the targeted customers.

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Hence, these products will continue meeting the need of the target market that will change and grow in the next decade. However, as more and more people becoming older, they would be more concerned of their health than would younger people. In addition, more and more women are moving out from the comfort of their home to earn money to support their family. Thus, targeting middle age and old people as well as ladies to consume Yummi Wild Honey is most accurate and appropriate.

Customer Segments

Yummi Wild Honey first top product, Wild Jungle is very suitable for adult and seniors of different races and both genders. In particular, middle age and older people of both genders are found to be more concerned about their health than younger people would, and hence these two groups of people would be segmented as potential customers, composing more than half of the population of the entire world. Thus, most of the sales of Yummi Wild Honey would be derived from this large customer segment.

Yummi Wild Honey product Breadfruit (Polyloral) comes as second top product of the company. Breadfruit is very suitable for ladies as this product helps them to combat with routine stressful life, especially “after birth giving, they're face with increased family and career stress. At the same time, they have to jargon between children and their well being” (Yummi House Honey, The Woman, 2010). Thus, another potential sale of Yummi Wild Honey would be derived from the segment of the working class married ladies.

Product Position

According to the information provided, Yummi Wild Honey is different from man-made honey in the market because the latter are almost always chemically processed, as evidenced by the distinct difference in taste, smell, and nutritional quality. Hence, Yummi Wild Honey has a distinctive edge over all man-made honey.

Positioning Strategies

With information obtained from Yummi Wild Honey, positioning strategies can thus be set up as follows:

a) Emphasize the uniqueness and original quality in taste, smell, and nutrition of Yummi Wild Honey.

b) Highlight the key benefits of the product. Honey is traditionally known to enhance physical health and heal coughs, tiredness, sore throats, constipation, wounds, and other common illnesses. Honey has a distinctive advantage over medical pills that are toxic as they are made of chemicals. Hence honey is friendly to our body constitution and has absolutely no side effects. Thus, only pure or Yummi Wild Honey could provide all these effects. Man-made honey, however, is thus inferior to Yummi Wild Honey.

c) Highlight competitors’ honey that is almost always chemical and thermal processed. They are not from natural wild honeycombs collected from natural forests. Their taste, smell, and effects are all different from those of Yummi Wild Honey.

d) Emphasize Yummi Wild Honey that is more precious and nutritious than other man-made honey. But market research reveals that Yummi Wild Honey is more expensive than man-made honey because of its original, intrinsic, and superior quality.

Position the Products in the Market

Stage 1: Dramatize the products

a) Hold full scale product promotion campaigns at strategic locations of large supermarkets or malls where many people are routinely passing by. Allow people to sample the product to experience the taste, smell, and feeling.

b) Advertise the benefits of the two products in local newspapers, magazines for adults

and ladies, and in other hardcopy medias.

c) Run high rise open field broad view TV commercial advertisement.

d)      Run domestic TV commercial advertisement

e)      Print and drop fliers into letter box of every home of middle class residences.

          Stage 2: Compare and Contrast

Demonstrate the differences in quality, such as taste, smell, and effects of the product versus competitive man-made products in the market at promotion outlets.

Stage 3: Expanding the awareness

At promotion locations, non-stop running short video clip displaying product brand, how product is different from others, explaining the advantages and benefits of the product. Interview with customers who have taken the product and then display that through video clips.

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Stage 4: Transform it into a culture

The most successful outcome of the positioning of Yummi Wild Honey is to transform what originally appears to be a one-time consumption of it into a habit or culture that people would purchase the product whenever they feel like revitalizing their health or increasing their resistance against diseases.


The two top products of Yummi Wild Honey are natural nutrient products and fall under healthcare category. The competitive edge of these two products is their original and pure state versus competitive man-made products that are chemically processed. Another competitive edge for these two products is that nowadays healthcare products are very much sought after by many people from all walks of life in the modern world, other than the two customer segments depicted above. Thus, the positioning strategies of these two products would greatly enhance the sales of Yummi Wild Honey. 


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