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Free Custom «Marketing and Branding Strategies of Rosen Hotels and Resorts» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Marketing and Branding Strategies of Rosen Hotels and Resorts» Essay Paper

Rosen Hotels and Resorts are located in Orland Florida and is a good environment that attracts several tourists and customers in great numbers. But how has it managed to do so in a very competitive environment? The following paper will evaluate its strategy in marketing as well as the pricing that ensures that it is among the top and well performing hotels and resorts. Its main objective is to operate as a convention and vacation hotel within the Orlando destination market (Rosen Hotels & Resorts, 2011). Some of the areas that it majors on include meeting facilities, accommodations, a golf course, restaurants, steakhouse, Italian cuisine and seafood.

Core Product Strategies

In order to be a leading service provider in the industry, Rosen Hotels and Resorts have an Open Door Policy where there is an open way of communicating with the associates without any interference. In order to ensure that all its products are in good order, the management encourages an open way of communicating ideas and as a result, safety standards are maintained (Jackson, 2010).

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a)Exceptional meetings and Vacation Hotels

Rosen Hotels and Resorts offer exceptional meeting place and vacation hotels to its clients. As have been mentioned earlier, this is done through excellent accommodations, catering services, dining, recreational amenities and value added service. On the other hand, it has more than

b)Registered Rosen Hotels & resorts guest

All those who are registered Rosen Hotels & resorts guest are entitled to tee times, transportation to Shingle Creek Golf Club as well as being offered a $10 off the round of golf. Furthermore, there are various offers that a guest receives including a range of balls in the price.

c)Target Market

Its target market is the Orlando destination area.

Difference from its competitors

Rosen Hotels and Resorts are different from its competitors through the world class services that it offers, the meeting facilities that are termed as award winning and the vacation hotel amenities that are globally recognized as top quality within the industry. It is also a centre that includes the Orlando Day Spa, Rosen Shingle Cheek and Orlando Championship Golf Course which several competitors lack.

Loyalty building Strategies

Rosen Hotels and Resorts offers delicious menu in all the distinctive Orlando restaurants. This includes the Orlando steakhouse, seafood and Italian cuisines which are known to be of the same nature as in Italy. The management also offer quality meeting place, and hotels that are affordable to its clients. All these service come with affordable hotel prices. It is also the policy of the management to provide a variety of family vacation packages which remain pleasing to the clients (Kothari, 2008).

Market Positioning

Rosen Hotels and Resorts are known for their seven quality properties and hotels that are located in Orlando destination market. Through the spacious rooms, the management presents a top brand in the hotel industry which is also recognized for the promotions in offers including tee times as well as transportation to Shingle Creek. Furthermore, clients have come to know the award winning hotels as Rosen Shingle Creek, Rosen Centre Hotel and Rosen Plaza Hotel while family and leisure vacation hotels include Clarion Inn Lake Buena Vista, Rosen Inn located at Pointe Orlando, Rosen Inn and Quality Inn International.

Rosen Corporate Relations

In order to have an effective position in the market, the Hotels have a community relations program, associate recruitment and retention entities as well as focussing on people, customers, suppliers and the community as stipulated in their vision.

General Pricing

Rosen Hotels and Resorts offers competitive pricing unlike some of its competitor’s n the market. This includes discounts on the promotions being made by the management.

SWOT Analysis of Rosen Hotels and Resorts


Rosen Hotels and Resorts is recognized for its wide and ranging spacious rooms as well as offering promotional prices to its clients including its award winning hotels and the leisure vacation hotels. The quality meeting place, convention and vacation hotels all point to the several strengths it has over its competitors.


Rosen Hotels and Resorts are located in one environment which is an indication that it is weak in other areas and States. For instance, if a problem occurs in Orlando, then there is a great possibility that the Hotels might close down.

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Rosen Hotels and Resorts have the opportunity of cementing their relationship with its clients in Orlando Destination market, making it the only attraction site for tourists who wish to visit the location.


One of the greatest threats facing tourism industry is the harsh economic times that at times discourage tourists from travelling. It is also worth mentioning that several restrictions being put in the market can greatly affect the performance of the Hotels. Another factor that might illustrate a threat is its competitors as well as the idea of being located in one state as compared to other competitors who are spread across various states. 


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