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Free Custom «Ethics and International Marketing» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Ethics and International Marketing» Essay Paper


Since 1960, scholars in marketing have exploded the benevolent marketing that is practiced on cooperative consumers and it has been accepted that not all marketing creates an outcome that satisfies the consumer. This means that what the consumer may desire may not be good for them even if the marketer create a short term happy customer but in the future the customer is likely to suffer the result of the marketer. This idea can be best explained on the consumer of cigarettes. It is the responsibility of the marketers to produce new products which gives them immediate satisfaction (Marinova, 2005).

Marketing should be aimed at raising the standards of living of a given society by implementing various developed integrated models for ethical marketing decisions. The Academy of marketing science has proposed various marketing educator code of ethics and this codes are very crucial to the learner who carries research in the marketing field. Marketing research process should be implemented in the setting of an international and domestic marketing research (Malhotra, 2011).

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Marketing ethics reflects the interests of various stake holders in the process of exchange. The moral issues in marketing are anticipated to identify, satisfy the requirement of the customer in a profitable way and sustain the interface that exists between the preference of the consumer and the market aspiration of the companies. Ethics can be viewed as utilitarian as well as deontological when one bases his argument on the aspect of reason, intention and duty. On this case, duties need not be associated with the issue of self-interest that is expressed in the anticipated reward. The companies exist to satisfy the society’s needs where they have an obligation morally to deliver the benefits to the society. Organizational gains are hence the function of social wealth in creating development and delivering satisfaction. The social cause is important in regard to the conduct of the company and it pays off for the companies to ensure that its image appears ethical in order for the sales, market shares and profit to increase and appear to be motivated by objectives instead of self-interest. If companies appear ethical, there are high chances of it to be rewarded by the consumers (Marinova, 2005).

The business ethics should fully maximize the pleasure in the world thereby minimizing the total pain which is experienced and augment the scope of beneficiaries. Marketing management represents the disputed area in utilitarian ethics terms because the implementation of the ethics in marketing has become a paradox in itself. This gives the managers of marketing a justification for their ethical conduct as they ensure that their behaviors are moral.  When applying this moral ethics marketers find it hard to determine the interpretation of the common “good” to a market which is targeted and this ought to transcend across border countries. The national, geographical as well as political categories should not be made to be the objective moral principle. The greatest difficulty is to determine the greatest good as well as the greatest number (Marinova, 2005).

Ethical relativists says that the moral absolutes does not exist whatsoever and that the definition of what will be regarded as moral relies on the social norms of a particular society in which the are practiced Ethical standards that are applied to different countries changes over time and this allow for different interpretations of ethical norms which shows cultural diversity and practices. This therefore creates a necessity for adapting marketing within a specific market over time period because the social culture, skills as well as knowledge tend to change at times ( Marinova, 2005).

Some marketers take marketing as a system which is ethically neutral that serves an unequivocal market good and it serves the society with few attached ethical strings. The main stressed issue here is sales. The marketers are interested in purchase and exchange. This conflict in the community of marketing has brought about a debate that surrounds the marketing ethics ( Marinova, 2005).


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