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Free Custom «A Memorandum to an English Professor» Essay Paper

Free Custom «A Memorandum to an English Professor» Essay Paper

To: Dr. Rick Bridwell

Date: February 1, 2011

From: San Jacinto College

Subject: English

Past experience with English

I am writing because of past experiences with English as a subject. I have noticed that students have not been performing well in this subject all through. This does not just apply to one class, but the whole college. Specifically, it is in grammar that I have a problem with; I have realized students have been performing poorly in constructing meaningful sentences and also articulating words in the correct manner. I have tried my best to get into this matter. I really need some advice on what has gone wrong and how to mend this.

Present needs and expectations

I understand that by approaching you, I made the right decision. I expect you to work with students and help them in trying to articulate words properly. I also need you to give them a lot of exercises in grammar as they also learn more about it. I understand that you have a lot to do. I know that you are going to give good results since English is a core subject and students need to excel in any way possible.

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Thank you for your prompt attention to this.


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