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Free Custom «Uneducated Parents and Educated Children » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Uneducated Parents and Educated Children » Essay Paper

Knowledge, can simply be defined as expertise, and skills gained by a person or persons through practice or schooling. It is also the theoretical or practical comprehension of a given subject. There is need to distinguish between being knowledgeable and being educated. History has seen changes in the education systems and what the whole system aims to attain. Use of past generations as examples to qualify the argument on who is more informed may not be relevant. In the past times, most of the people could drop out of school and miss the education system certification but still be able to get a job. The advancement of technology has made acquisition of knowledge a pre-requisite to be able to be considered an expert in any field. The jobs that one could secure without even the basic high school diploma cannot be secured at this time and are since technology has replaced all humans input with robots and mechanical operations.

The number jobs currently that one can secure without the education are scarce. Education is becoming more necessary for everyone who intends to secure the jobs that require some technical knowhow. Despite all this, we cannot conclude everyone needs to go to college. It is a well-documented argument that the world requires all categories of people, the top management will require the juniors to lead and the vice versa, there is an old adage that states that the world needs ditch diggers. This is true to the context that all levels of workers will only function when all the parties have their respective roles to partake.

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Humans are naturally competitive in nature and they tend to rank their abilities with the aim of being at the top. It is in this stead that would like to compare the “amount” of knowledge they possess over others. This is clearly misguided since knowledge exists in millions of field and one-can posses a lot of knowledge about one field and nothing about another. The existence of varied field of knowledge makes the needs for specialization essential. Each individual’s ability to appreciate their scope of their field of expertise will be vital in realizing and expanding the understanding of others potential. It will be necessary to appreciate what others can do.

In the story Everyday life, the narrator, a mother to two daughters is uneducated. She explains that the only school she went to was closed down after second grade and thus she never had the chance to acquire the education that the daughter enjoyed (Walker, 1944). Despite having dropped out of school due to circumstances beyond her, the narrator has managed to ensure that her daughter gains the essential knowledge to be able to be relevant to her. In this scenario we see the case where the mother may not have had a chance to pursue her studies and be an expert in any specific field but she is well informed of her role in life. She has managed to raise the family with the limited knowledge she has and thus well placed to carry on with her role as the mother.

Her daughter Dee on the other hand, is highly educated and sophisticated. Having had the opportunity to explore what the system could offer, Dee managed to pursue her studies and acquire the knowledge she required. Here we see a case where the demand for education and expertise in that aspect being very vital. Despite the empowerment that education brings along, we also witness the sophistication in the lifestyle of the pursuant of the education. In this case we see that education does not really make one all round being but just an expert in a given field. to be able to attain an all inclusive state of being, one needs to go beyond what their field of expertise requires to also encompass interpersonal relationships. Book education is never enough, it will be necessary for all individuals to educate themselves on various aspects of life on a day-to-day basis. There are many avenues that one can learn from apart from the classroom set up; the news, the chance to learn a new skill or even any self help initiative will go a long way in improving ones status in the society and life.

On the other hand, in the story El Tonto Del Barrio, we are confronted by Seferino and Remero. Seferon being a Harvard bound scholar and Remero the village idiot. Seferon despite having scholarly knowledge is portrayed as being naïve and inexperienced in matters regarding life (Armas, 1998). Here we see that the scholars feel they know it all whereas in really sense they are just informed about a given subject matter. There is an acknowledged that even though was not meant for the mother, she did her best to ensure that her children are able to access what she was not able to get, educating the children in the current age and time is essential.

In the context of who knows, more is a debatable case. Knowledge is a relative concept that can be looked at in various ways. We have seen the test of time enabling the uneducated acquiring the necessary life techniques that enable them bring out successful families and be able to do some roles that only life experience will allow them to perform. We also see the educated individuals being ill equipped with life skills that is fundamental for human living. We thus conclude that the most informed individuals is the one who is educated and also has the life skills essential to facilitate one to live harmoniously with one another.


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