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Free Custom «Listing» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Listing» Essay Paper

When exploring a certain topic, it is wise to use a number of invention activities in order to come up with ideas. This criteria should be applied in all works of writing whether one want to share a personal experience, to argue or propose something. One of the methods I like using is listing (Roen p 33). In this particular method, one is given an opportunity to write down the major words that will enable one to remember ideas later. It is through listing that one can identify the categories within the listed items.

In addition, if one was interested in proposing a solution for a certain problem, the major words are well organized in a manner that enables one to know the effect they have on the readers. It is evident that listing strategy is very efficient because one cannot forget easily the ideas. In a situation where one is supposed to brainstorm, listing strategy is the best method to use. One can sit down and jot down all the idea either in person or in a group. On listing the ideas down, one can have an easy time looking at the ideas which looks most promising.

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To conclude, I would liken the idea of using listing method to many because of the following reasons. First, unlike other methods like clustering, one cannot forget the major words identified. Secondly, in a brainstorming, session, listing enables one to write ideas and then settle on the best ideas later (Roen p 34). This helps a lot in ensuring that the brainstorming session was a success. It is advisable not to evaluate the ideas on the list during brainstorming. It should be done later.


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