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Free Custom «Learning English» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Learning English» Essay Paper

At the beginning of the semester I was very anxious to learn more about English subject. During my high school I had a serious problem in understanding much area in English subject. When we were given units list for the semester I was delighted that English was one of them because I really wanted to learn more about English. My assumption about English was that it is a difficult subject which requires a lot of attention and time. The concern I had about documentation was writing up procedures that guide or regulate activities for an individual or a group using software. My assumption was not far from the exact meaning of documentation. The new assumption about creating documentation using technology and working with the client is that it is along procedure that requires consultation and teamwork.

It never crossed my mind earlier that I can be a writer. I was poor in English all along my primary and secondary level. Technology was not part of courses I learn at any one point. I have just been coming across technology term in my reading but I had not learned much about it. To begin learning about technology from scratch sound as a big challenge me but I am much willing to learn about it. Being a team player is not new to me, I have been a football team player and I am familiar with teamwork principles. I believe in teamwork and I know I will be able to work well as part of the effective team in my future employment. Having taken this course I have learn more about technology, documentation, teamwork and ethics. I can be able to write well and to work within a team effective while observing work ethics.

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The concept that captures my interest in this course is writing skill and teamwork. I came know about writing styles. I learn about writing format, referencing styles, in-texting, paraphrasing and typing. My learning became so easy due teamwork participation. My team was supportive and I was able to learn all aspect of the course by raising question on area which was not clear to me. The two concepts relate to other course in many ways. I have been able to very well in other courses since the same skills are use when doing the assignments. What I have learn in the course as form a strong background of my future professionalism.

The implication of creating a documentation which is not detail, thorough and well developed is that, it is difficult to put into practice. If I am in charge of documentation I will make sure that all the details that are important in the documentation are well developed. I will make sure that my team members are well brief on all essential details before they begin to write documentation.

The greatest challenge of my course was doing research. Much time was needed to carry out extensive research on areas which was not clear. We were able to tackle the challenge through teamwork. The skill and knowledge I have learned in the course will assist me in doing other course work assignment. I will also assist me in writing my research papers. It will also assist to carry out my duties efficiency in my future career.


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