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Free Custom «Dawn Marie Jingagian» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Dawn Marie Jingagian» Essay Paper

Dawn Marie Jingagian is an ancient artist who is well known for his “Shy Glance” artwork. The aim of this paper is to provide biographical information of Dawn Marie Jingagian, discuss the period he is associated with and finally discuss one of his major artworks, the “Shy Glance.”

Dawn Marie Jingagian is a renowned artist who is especially famous for his artwork “Shy Glance.” Because his paintings seem to be lacking this emotion, they are classified as “bad art” and are thus put under The Museum of Bad Art (MOBA). MOBA is the world’s only museum that collects, preserves, exhibits and celebrates “bad art” in each of its forms (Shy glance).

Historical Context

Dawn Marie Jingagian’s art shows what a “bad art” is because it does not provoke an emotion. This is contrasted with good art that makes a viewer wonder by the creation of a specific art. Dawn Marie’s artwork makes one think of how he could create “bad artworks” but interesting pieces of work (Shy glance). Dawn Marie’s canvas reflects his love for nature as well as its creator. He created unusual paintings that had vibrant color. He also often included flowers and horses as his subject matter. His gallery representation can be found at the Cross Gallery in Kentucky and GALLERY on the row in Augusta Georgia. That is why some of Dawn Marie Jingagian’s artworks are based in “The Museum of Bad Art” which is an institution whose activities are based on gathering, displaying and preserving various pieces of art while giving a second chance to the artworks there that are clearly bad. Therefore, the bad artworks are stored and shown with glory here for the people who wish to see it (MOBA: PORTRAITURE).

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The use of the red color by the artist is mainly to emphasize contrast. Her very red cheeks are a way of showing that the embarrassment of the young woman but also her longing for her first loves which she seems to look to afar distance (Shy glance). 

Major Artwork by Dawn Marie Jingagian: the “Shy Glance”

Shy Glance (shown in fig 1 below)

Title: Shy Glance, 1976.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas, 18” * 24”

Meaning of the artwork: a woman who is longing for her first love and looks like she is blushing

Subject matter: the embarrassment of a young woman who is longing for her first love. This is reflected in a shiny red cheek with a half smile hidden behind her hair

Current location: the artwork was acquired by Scott Wilson from a trash in Boston (MOBA: PORTRAITURE).

“Shy Glance” is the major artwork by Dawn. It is an acrylic painting done by Dawn that shows some disturbing image and only manages to pass its message across through some difficulty. The reason for this is because the portrait seems to lack expressivity. The “Shy Glance” painting shows a semi-portrait face of a woman who seems to look into a far place. The whole of the painting shows only the woman’s face that appears to have very red cheeks. Thus the painting shows that the woman is blushing at the spectacle of a lover. But there is some discrepancy between the colors used on this portrait, for her completion and her cheeks. From a far and with a rapid look, she looks like she is ill (MOBA: PORTRAITURE and Shy glance).   

In spite of all the above about the “Shy Glance” painting not being expressive, the painting has a general message that the young woman is glancing at a distant place hoping to spot a lover. The very red cheeks may be an expression about how she feels, lust and anxiety. She is also seen to have a hidden half smile hidden at the back of her hair.

Personal Opinion about Dawn Marie Jingagian and His Artworks

It seems that some artworks do not really provoke emotions and that is why The Museum Of Bad Art stores such paintings. Dawn Marie’s work especially the (in)famous “Shy Glance” is such bad art. It is as if the subject, the young woman in the artwork, looks out at nothing neither is their emotions in her eyes. However, the panting manages to passage its intended message with albeit with difficulty. Despite all these, the painting should be praised for being able to display its complex feelings that it perfectly displays. This is especially helped by the choice of color and details. Therefore I think the use of the very red cheeks displays the feelings of the young woman; her wait for a first love.  

Although not a very talented artist, Dawn Marie Jingagian created an acrylic canvas painting called the “Shy Glance” that has gone to fit in the category of “bad art.” Shy Glance is a semi-portrait of a woman that looks a bit disturbing and lacks expressivity and that is why the painting was thrown away in a dustbin in Boston only to be collected later by Scott Wilson. Nevertheless, the portrait passes its message across helped by the very red color on her cheeks. The young woman seems to look into a distance with embarrassment while longing for her first love (as reflected by the very red cheeks showing as a shiny apple) with a hidden smile at the back of her lank hair. 


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